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Below are all known copies of The Transactor.  A BIG thank you to to Max Polaris who scanned and sent us this content.   We have made some minor changes to enhance their searchability using OCR.

The Transactor was started life in 1978 as a Commodore Business Machines publication used to explain low level details of the Commodore PET.  In 1982 it was reborn as a bimonthly independent magazine published out of Milton Ontario (Toronto) covering all 8bit Commodore’s.  This revised magazine used the slogan  new slogan was “The Tech News Journal for Commodore Computers” and was paid for through advertising and subscription prices.  A quick scan of the covers below and you will be able to see when this change occurred.  The Commodore Transactors were mass produced using a very inexpensive mimeograph technology while the independent magazine was created using a proper printing press.

Both publications were known for their depth.  They covered hardware hacking in detail and were read by serious users.  One issue even boasted that it was 95% advertising free right on the cover.

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The Transactor Files:

You can download ALL of The Transactor program files in a single zip HERE (again courtesy of Max Polaris)

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