Commodore has a rich and vibrant history from the founders time in Auschwitz to the companies massive mismanagement causing its final collapse in 1994.

Please click through our menus to read about the people and innovations that drove the home computer business from a tiny fledgling cottage industry to massive worldwide enterprise.

Here are just some of Commodore’s firsts:

  • Best selling computer in History (even today in 2003)- The Commodore 64 sold 30 million records and is in the Guinness Book of Records.
  • 1st 1 million plus unit  selling computer (VIC-20)
  • 1st computer company to make $1 Billion   dollars in Sales
  • 1st multimedia computer (Amiga)
  • 1st computer to have coprocessors (SuperPET)
  • 1st true-multitasking system was Commodore Amiga not Apple!
  • 1st multitasking OS (Amiga)
  • 1st portable (notebook) color computer – SX64
  • 1st company to develop the DMA bus
  • 1st portable hand-held calculator
  • 1st LCD Display
  • 1st company to define the word “multimedia”

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Fletcher · October 3, 2022 at 8:41 am

Well I really liked reading it. This information provided by you is awesome. GO COMMODORE!

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