Welcome to Commodore.ca’s 2002 version of the famous FUNet Commodore Computer Site

NOTICE: The external links at the bottom of most pages, take your browser to sites that no longer exist.   We believe that Bo Zimmerman runs the primary site as of 2005.

We have maintained these links, broken as they are, for historical accuracy and because when we agreed to exactly mirror the site in 2002, we agreed to make NO changes.

Welcome to the Commodore 8-bit file area at http://www.nic.funet.fi/pub/cbm/! (formerly in the Finland but now running from Texas, US).  (North Carolina, USA) and ftp://ftp.giga.or.at/pub/c64/ (Austria, Europe) If you have a mirror of the FUNet site, please let us know and we will link you here. .
../[Parent directory]
archiving@Utilities for processing different Commodore file formats
b/The Model B, a quite rare business computer.
c128/Commodore 128
c64/Commodore 64
c65/Software for Commodore 65, a machine whose production was canned. A few prototypes were made, though, and they were sold in late 1993.
crossplatform/Cross platform tools, i.e. programs for other computers than 8-bit Commodores that have something to do with 8-bit Commodores
csbruce/Programs developed by Craig Bruce
demodisks/Test/demo disks shipped with different Commodore products.
documents/Technical documents and hardware hacks
faq/Frequently Asked Questions with answers
firmware/ROM images
geos/Geos related stuff for c64 and c128.
html/HTML documents related to Commodore
magazines/Disk magazines and others
manuals/User’s manuals of Commodore equipment.
maps/Memory maps.
pet/File area for the Commodore PET series
pictures/Pictures of pre-Amiga Commodore equipment.
plus4/The Commodore 264 series (plus/4, C16 and C116).
programming/Programming information.
schematics/Schematic diagrams of Commodore devices.
src/Released source code of various Commodore firmware and software.
transfer@Utilities for transferring files from Commodores to the outer world.
vic20/Commodore VIC 20


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