Click on the DOWNLOAD menu and if you want to download these (and hundreds of other) Commodore PET games or the VICE Commodore on PC emulator.

Reproduced March 26 2002 with permission from Larry Anderson of – Formatting cleaned up Nov 24 2018

*** BEWARE *** Some games in this archive do contain the ‘killer POKE’ (see the PET FAQ) if you have a 4000 series large-screen PET, you should scan the listings for any pokes to 59458 and REMOVE THEM before running the game, if you run a game and the screen messes up (like the vertical hold just died) turn off the machine  immediately! Prolonged use in this mode will damage video circuitry. You have been warned!

One program in this archive I know that has this POKE is JOUST

The screen shots of  selections from the PET Game Archive were made possible with VICE the Commodore 8-Bit  Emulator, which currently is available for Microsoft DOS/Windows systems and  UNIX, there is a Mac version of VICE but it only supports the 64 mode.

Many people would lead you to believe that without a ‘programmable’ character set the  PET was not suited for nice game graphics, these shots are from many of the  games I have enjoyed on the PET since I was introduced to them in 1980.


hmmmmmm · October 24, 2022 at 12:02 am

Yeah there is no “Download” menu.

    Ian Matthews · March 8, 2023 at 12:32 am

    The DOWNLOADS menu was mistakenly burried. We just both added a link to this page and moved the Commodore DOWNLOADS link back to the top bar menu.

    thanks hmmmmmmm.

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