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Commodore Computers | VIC20, PET, C64, PLUS4, C128, KIM1, History, Prototypes, Pictures, Manuals, Advertising & ROMS

The inventor of the Personal Computer, Chuck Peddle, died on December 15th 2019 and we are saddened by this great loss.

Here is a quote from stole from our friends at, that originated with MOS Technology employee, Frank Slattery:

What a great bunch of guys the Motorola eight were. I was the manager of the layout people and it was my duty to make sure that the Motorola eight had every opportunity to do their design work with no problems. I was standing next to Chuck Peddle when he said to Jack Tramiel, the CEO of Commodore Business Machines, “With this chip we can build a personal computer.” It was the first time I ever heard the words, “Personal Computer.”   The rest, as they say, is history.

The first time I spoke with Chuck was in the late 1990’s and I remember being just stunned that:

  1. this 65ish year old was not just still involved in technology but truly excited about his new work with DRAM and storage
  2. this busy industry titan would spend hours talking to some random Canadian fan boy

I can’t claim to know the man very well but in the few times I interviewed him in person, he was always enthusiatic, interested and interesting.

The first time we met in person was truly thrilling for me.  It was at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas about 2006.  I was working the show for ‘new’ Dutch Commodore and he was… well he was just being Chuck.  He was there because he was facinated by all the new tech.  He took me to dinner and let me interview him for five or six hours until sometime between 1am and 2am.

He told me about how he cleverly manipulated Motorola into firing him for telling THEIR customers that a $25 6800 could not be built; then using that legal letter as the basis for the 6501 (which quickly became the 6502).  He told me about several visits to Steve Jobs and Steve Wosniak in the ever so famous Apple garage; having to teach them how to connect and code the 6502 so it actually worked.  He told me about how his Personal Computer pitch to Radio Shack, Xerox and others that was rejected.  He told me about how he convinced Commodore’s Jack Tramiel to build the PET and beat everyone else to market with the worlds first PC.  He  told me about working for Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and others.  This was where is now famour quote “There is nothing nice about Steve Jobs and nothing evil about Bill Gates” came from.  He told me about his own business grade PC company Victor/Sirius, why it failed and how Kidde (now famous for fire detection equipment) bought out the residue of his dream.  After all of this, he excitedly told me about his new work and how living in three countries (India, the US and Singapore I beleive) was not a problem for him.

I have always being curious about everything.  Electroncs, coding, cars, engines, computers, manufacturing, extraction, politics, the environment and practically everything else are interesting to me but not  to most others.   Everything I asked Chuck about, resulted in a sparked response and I remember how odd it was to talk to someone who seemed curious about everything.  He had skill, work ethic, tallent, showmanship (lots of showmanship), and ability to take calculated risks that few others have.

We at are deeply saddened by this great loss.

What’s New On

We are have the site 98% refreshed and ready to go.   We are putting considerable effort into a new in-browser arcade.  Our current browser arcade is still great if you have Adobe Flash but Flash is dieing quickly so we are investing in a new Java Script HTML5 version to keep you playing at work without any installs! We expect to have it up and running sooooon.

Below are some new pages we added in late 2018:

The text only version of our site has been refreshed and is available now at . The text only sub-site is intended for use by old school text only browsers but if you want to know what HTML 1.0 looked like in 1992, here is your chance.

Even we forgot about some of the great content buried in our site, so it is great to go back through each page line by line and find treasures like this computer comparison table:



Welcome to the refreshed site which provides history, manuals, ROM downloads, along with an active user forum for support of your 8 Bit Commodore computers, including:

In addition to these mainstream machines we also cover Commodore derivatives like the:

  • Commodore PET 2001 3008, 4016, 4032, 8032, 8096SK, P500 B700 C710, and 8296SK
  • Commodore VIC VC-20, VIC-1001
  • Commodore 64C, 64GS, VIC-30, Commodore One, C-1
  • Commodore 116, C16, 232, 264, 364, Plus/4, “TED”
  • Commodore C128, 128CR, 128DCR

We detail the product announcements and secrets of Commodore Prototypes like the:

We provide everything from the original TV advertising to a Photo Gallery, to Print Advertising, History, Technical User Manuals, Schematics, downloadable ROM’s, and even a live browser based arcade of such classic games as Asteroids and PacMan… no install required!

Some of the most interesting content is our Commodore Chronology and Commodore people section, which has great detail on such notable Commodore management as:

It’s 8 Bit Commodore, we have it.

Commodore was, without doubt, the most important company in retail computer history, relentlessly driving the market forward.  Commodore INVENTED the PC Personal Computer and no-one else, including Apple, can stake that claim.  Commodore was the first computer company with a BILLION dollars in sales.  Commodore invented… and the list goes on and on and on.

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