Welcome to Commodore.ca’s 2002 version of the famous FUNet.fi CP/M Operating System FTP archive site.

NOTE: The external links at the bottom of most pages, take your browser to sites that no longer exist.  We have maintained these links, broken as they are, for historical accuracy and because when we agreed to mirror the site in 2002, we agreed to make NO changes.

The source at FUNet.fi and mirror sites originally specified in this site, are no longer operational as far as we can tell.  We believe that Bo Zimmerman runs the primary site as of 2005.  If you have a mirror of the FUNet site, please let us know and we will link you here.

archivers/Archiving utilities.
comm/Telecommunication software.
editors/Text editors and viewers.
faq/Frequently Asked Questions about CP/M.
printer/Printer utilities.
programming/Utilities and documentation for programmers.
sys/System-dependent CP/M software.
texts/Miscellanous documents regarding CP/M.
transfer/Non-CP/M utilities for transfering files between CP/M and other platforms, such as C128 native mode or MS-DOS.
zutils/Utilities for the Z-system.

Files in /pub/cpm/
2001-04-102096ALLDIRSIndex of all directories under the /pub/cpm tree, text version.
2001-04-104398ALLDIRS.htmlIndex of all directories under the /pub/cpm tree, HTML version.
2001-04-1018284ALLFILESIndex of all files under the /pub/cpm tree, text version.
2001-04-1033894ALLFILES.htmlIndex of all files under the /pub/cpm tree, HTML version.
2001-04-102975FILELIST.gzA list of all files under this area, produced with the Bourne shell command TZ=: gfind . -printf “%TY-%Tm-%Td %TT% 10s %P\t%l\n” | gsort -t ” -k


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