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Bil Herd – Commodore C128, Plus/4, Early DaysEvent20072:19 4MB 1.7MB 2MB 8MB
Bil Herd – Everyone Worked for Jack TramielEvent20070:37 1MB .5MB .5MB 2MB
Bill Lowe – Father of the IBM PCEvent20072:35 7.5MB 3.3MB 2.4MB 6.4MB
Commodore Layoff & New HP 110 PortableTV19850:26  .4MB  .6MB
Commodore LCD LaptopTV19850:30  .8MB .3MB 1MB
German Commodore VC20 CBM2 C64 – English SubtitlesPromo198431:42 70MB 128MB
German Commodore VC20 CBM2 C64 – GermanPromo31:42 111MB
How Computer Chips are Made – Commodore Factory Tour – English SubtitlesPromo198427:36 60MB 118MB
How Computer Chips are Made – Commodore Factory Tour – GermanPromo198427:36 96MB
Jack Tramiel is The King of Low Cost ComputersTV19850:13  .2MB .2MB
Jack Tramiel – Computers For the MassesTV19850:20  .5MB .3MB
Jack Tramiel – Impromptu Interview After Atari PurchPromo19851:31  5MB  3MB  1.2MB  4MB
Jack Tramiel – Atari Deal, Amiga Chips, Irving GouldEvent20071:46 2.8MB 1.3MB 1.5MB 6MB
Jack Tramiel – MOS Technology was CriticalEvent20071:21 2.1MB 1MB 1.1MB 4.6MB
Jack Tramiel – Commodore History His Own WordsEvent20077:14 8.4MB   5.4MB 6.1MB 25MB
Jack Tramiel – Commodore History – InterviewEvent200721:07 25MB   16MB 18MB 73MB
Max Toy – Commodore President talks C64TV19883:11  6MB  16B
Steve Wozniak – Tries to Sell Apple to CommodoreEvent20072:23 3.2MB 1.8MB 2MB 8.2MB
Toys-R-Us Computer Retails the Commodore Plus/4TV19850:27  .4MB .3MB .8MB
Tetris – First Russian Software and its for the C64TV19881:11  7MB  2MB  6MB


Commodore PET – What is BinaryTV19838:52  55MB  15MB  44MB
Commodore PET – Computers to Buy Now – BBCTV19776:25  39MB  12MB  33MB


Commodore VIC-20 Started Home ComputingTV19850:22  .6MB .3MB .7MB
Commodore VIC-20 College ShortAdvert1982?0:14  .2MB .1MB .2MB
Commodore VIC-20 vs. Atari ControlsAdvert1982?0:34  .5MB .2MB  .5MB
Commodore VIC-20 GoldfishAdvert1982?0:34  .5MB .2MB  .5MB
Commodore VIC-20 Job InterviewAdvert1982?0:34  .5MB .2MB .5MB
Commodore VIC-20 Neighborhood ShortAdvert1982?0:15  .2MB .1MB .2MB
Commodore VIC-20 PongAdvert1982?0:34  .5MB .2MB  .5MB
Commodore VIC-20 Real Computer ShortAdvert1982?0:14  .2MB .1MB .2MB
Commodore VIC-20 Some-day CollegeAdvert1982?0:34  .5MB .2MB .5MB
Commodore VIC-20 Some-day JobAdvert1982?0:34  .5MB .2MB .5MB
Commodore VIC-20 Wonder of 1980’s – ShatnerAdvert1983?0:36  4MB  1MB  3MB


Commodore 64 Still Selling Large in 1988TV1988?28:39  40MB  29MB  7MB  21MB
Commodore 64 Factory – No AudioTV19850:13  .6MB .3MB .7MB
Commodore 64 – American ExpressAdvert1984?0:34  .5MB .2MB .4MB
Commodore 64 – American Express ShortAdvert1984?0:14  .2MB .1MB .2MB
Commodore 64 – Ask the ComputersAdvert1984?0:34  .5MB .2MB .4MB
Commodore 64 – Australian AdAdvert1984?0:34  .5MB .2MB .5MB
Commodore 64 – Can’t Get Along Without ItAdvert19850:23  2.3MB  .7MB  2MB
Commodore 64 – Elephant ShortAdvert1984?0:15  .2MB .1MB .2MB
Commodore 64 – Elephant – BritishAdvert19840:31  3MB  1MB  2MB
Commodore 64 – Elephant No Serious Competit.Advert19850:33  3.5MB  1MB  3MB
Commodore 64 – Family Pack – Australia – SwimmingAdvert19830:34  .5MB .2MB .6MB
Commodore 64 – Family Pack – Australia – SpokesmanAdvert19870:34  3.5MB 1MB 3MB
Commodore 64 – Four Atari’s ShortAdvert1984?0:14  .2MB .1MB .2MB
Commodore 64 – Green Apple ShortAdvert1984?0:14  .2MB .1MB .2MB
Commodore 64 – How Old Should You BeAdvert1984?0:36  3.5MB  1MB  3MB
Commodore 64 – Jim Butterfield Shows MboardPromo1985?1:58  12MB  3MB  10MB
Commodore 64 –  Commodore President talks C64
Commodore SX64 – Australian Advert
 6MB  16MB
Commodore 64 – Price ComparisonAdvert1984?0:34  .5MB .2MB .4MB
Commodore 64 – How to Use a Koala PadTV19882:24  14MB  4MB  12MB
Are you keeping Up with the Commodore – RadioAdvert19850:57 Commodore 64 Australian Radio Advert 1985 .4MB Commodore 64 Australian Radio Advert 1985 .2MB Commodore 64 Australian Radio Advert 1985 .9MB
I Adore My 64 – Version 1 – RadioAdvert1984?0:30  .1MB  .3MB  .3MB
I Adore My 64 – Version 2 – Radio
I Adore My 64 – Version 3 – Radio – Every Home
 .1MB  .5MB  .3MB
I Adore My 64 – Version 1 – RadioAdvert1984?0:60  .2MB  .5MB  .7MB
I Adore My 64 – Version 2 – RadioAdvert1984?0:60  .2MB  .5MB  .7MB
I Adore My 64 – Version 1 – Radio – FrenchAdvert1984?0:30  .1MB  .4MB
I Adore My 64 – Version 2 – Radio – FrenchAdvert1984?0:30  .1MB  .4MB
I Adore My 64 – Version 1 – Radio – FrenchAdvert1984?0:60  .2MB  .7MB
I Adore My 64 – Version 2 – Radio – FrenchAdvert1984?0:60  .2MB  .7MB


GEOS – Commodore 64C & GEOS DemoPromo198811:44  9.6MB  11.3MB 3MB 8.8MB
GEOS – What is GEOS – Brian DoughertyTV19882:33  14MB Commodore 64 Australian Radio Advert 1985 12MB Commodore 64 Australian Radio Advert 1985 4.5MB


Plus/4, 128 & Prototypes by Bil Hurd & Dave HaynieInterview200536:00 12MB 9MB 54MB
Plus/4 – Commodore Plus/4 Sold at Toys-R-UsTV19850:27  .4MB .3MB .8MB
Plus/4 – Instructional Video – Section 1Promo19859:12  14MB  38MB
Plus/4 – Instructional Video – Section 2Promo19857:50  13MB  34MB
Plus/4 – Instructional Video – Section 3Promo19856:10  9MB  25MB
Plus/4 – Liquidation Sale at $99Promo19851:35  10MB  3MB  8MB


Plus/4, 128 & Prototypes by Bil Hurd & Dave HaynieInterview200536:00 12MB 9MB 54MB
Commodore 128 AnnouncementTV19851:38  1.7MB .5MB 1.4MB
Commodore 128 Special BundlePromo19866:38  9MB  6.4MB 1.7MB 5MB


Commodore Amiga vs Atari STTV198529:17  26MB  29MB  7MB  22MB
CDTV – Commodore CDTV InfomercialPromo199116:45  16MB 4.5MB 13MB
Amiga 500Promo1986?14:00  3MB  10MB
Amiga 500 PromoPromo1988?9:03  13MB  8.7MB 2.3MB  7MB
Amiga “Only Amiga” Promo SongPromo1986?2:00  2MB
Amiga – Cinemaware Part 1Promo19883:00  2MB
Amiga – Cinemaware Part 2Promo19886:00  6MB
Amiga – ShowMaker on Amiga 2000Promo1991?5:00 3.7MB
Amiga – Gateway Takes Over AmigaPromo19995:00  5.1MB 4.5MB  6MB
Amiga – New Angus ChipTV19890:17  .3MB  .4MB


Apple MAC First Virus NVIR & Russian VirusTV19881:02  6MB 2MB  5.5MB
Gary Kildall: Inventor of the Operating System CP/MTV199528:06  27MB  7MB  37MB
How a Floppy Disk (and Hard Disk) WorksTV20035:30  35MB 10mb  28mb
How Microchips are MadeTV198323:17  18MB  23MB  6MB  17MB
Home Computers in 1990 C64, IBM PC, Mac…TV199029:40  30MB  29MB  7MB  22MB
IBM Drops PC XT Price to $2000TV19850:19  .5MB .2MB
Internet Explained in 1969TV19692:01  12MB 4MB  10MB
Japanese MSX Computers Come to US & CanadaTV19830:20  .4MB  .3MB  .1MB  .2MB
Jim Butterfield LUCKI Expo – Part 1Event20059:17  6.8MB  7MB 6.8MB  17MB
Jim Butterfield LUCKI Expo – Part 2Event200516:03  13MB  12MB 29MB  12MB
Jim Butterfield LUCKI Expo – Part 3Event200520:38  21MB  15MB 15MB  38MB
Jim Butterfield LUCKI Expo – CompleteEvent200545:38  45MB  34MB 33MB  84MB
Lawrence Lessig – Perversion of CopywriteTV200322:47  21MB  21MB  32MB
Low End Computers – Commodore & AtariTV198529:25  28MB  28MB  60MB
On-Line Data ServicesTV198728:30  27MB 27MB 58MB
Operating Systems, DOS, CP/M Unix…TV198429:00  30MB  29MB  7MB  22MB
Software Piracy – What can be done?TV198529:30  28MB  7MB  40MB
Sony Shows First CD at Comdex JapanTV19850:26  .9MB .3MB .9MB
The Thinking Machine – Missing First 10MinsTV1985?36:25  26MB

Commodore.ca would like to thank      Michael J. Popil from Vancouver, Canada for the C64     Radio commercials,     and David Ehn of          http://www.hwhunpage.hu     for most of the Commodore TV advertisements. 

     Thanks to www.atarimuseum.com small Jack Tramiel Impromptu trade show  interview video.
Bil Herd and Dave Haynie were kind enough to provide a copy of their ComVEX 2005 Presentation  which is titled “Plus/4, 128 & Prototypes by Bil Hurd & Dave Haynie”.
Most of the other content was converted     from VHS tape purchased by commodore.ca on eBay from people like Ontario     Canada’s Syd Bolton.

If you are the owner of any of     these materials and you would like them removed please send an email to     [email protected]

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Thanks for actually being so thoughtful as well as for keeping these old Commodore Computer documents and videos. I am sure there are millions of individuals are really eager to understand more about how Commodore invented the first PC, not Apple.

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