Reproduced April 7  2002 with permission from Burt of the Commodore 64 Dungeon Graphics and text appended by Nov 23 2018

The following is a list of Commodore innovations:

  • 1st single board microcomputer – MOS KIM-1 (Commodore bought MOS tech within 6 months of KIM being released) and not the Apple 1 Kit!
  • Best selling computer in History (even today in 2003)- The Commodore 64 sold 30 million records and is in the Guinness Book of Records


    Complete Line of Commodore Canada Products from 1981st 1 million plus unit selling computer, the VIC-20

  • 1st computer company to make $1 Billion dollars in Sales
  • 1st computer company to have more than 50% of the global home computer market
  • 1st multimedia computer (Amiga)
  • 1st computer to have co-processors (SuperPET)
  • 1st true-multitasking system was Commodore Amiga not Apple!
  • 1st multitasking OS (Amiga)
  • 1st portable (“laptop”) color computer – SX64
  • 1st company to develop the DMA bus
  • 1st portable hand-held calculator
  • 1st LCD Display
  • 1st company to define the word “multimedia”
  • 1st Digital Sine-Cosine generator
  • 1st and only computer (Amiga) that can display multiple screens at different resolutions on a single monitor.
  • 1st Computer used by average people (non-computer people) (Commodore 64)1st Fluorescent Light Dimming Switch
  • 1st Fluidtight doors opening/closing device  
  • golden-commodore-64-1million1st CD-ROM Video Game Machine
  • 1st I/O to storage addressing and architecture scheme
  • 1st CD-ROM Error Control scheme (cirs)  
  • 1st Joystick controller
  • 1st Sitdown style video-game controller
  • 1st multiple linked video game controllers  
  • 1st Raster Monitor for video graphic displays
  • 1st and only computer graphic subsystem that allows multiple bitplanes and bitdepths available on the screen at the same time
  • 1st Sound Interface Chip – SID6581
  • 1st company to develop the video/digital to/from analog converter
  • 1st company to develop “plug and play”  
  • 1st Object Oriented OS (Amiga)
  • 1st hardware blitter objects (Amiga)
  • 1st computer to have “genlock graphics” and overscan

SOURCES: Delphion Homepage  The  patent place/intelectual property page listing


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