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Commodore Computer Products

Commodore Business Machines 8 Bit Product Line Up

kim1a.jpg (11583 bytes) products-commodore-2001-Booklet

commodore_64_box.jpg (19849 bytes)  kim1a.jpg (11583 bytes)
1976-1980 1977-1985 1981-1985 1982-1992 & now! 1984-1986 1985 – 1989
Commodore KIM-1
Commodore PET
2001 3008, 4016, 4032,
8032, 8096SK, SuperPET,
P500 B700 C710 & 8296SK
Commodore VIC-20
VC-20, VIC-1001
Commodore 64
64C, 64GS, 65
Max Machine, Commodore One, C-1
Commodore Plus/4 “Ted” 
264, 116, C16, 232, 364
MAX Machine Prototype
Commodore 128
C128, 128D, 128DCR


This site is dedicated to pre-Amiga Commodore history and so this section is  provides in depth coverage of the MOS KIM1 through Ted Series

In case your wondering why this  site does not cover the superior Amiga line, here is why:  By the time the Amiga had come to Commodore,  they were well on the road to destruction.  Their founder and visionary,  Jack Tramiel, had left to take over Atari; they had decided to stand their  ground on their no-advertising policy; and they had given up all but completely  on business machines.  So while the Amiga was a fantastic set of products  that should have been major corporate competitors, Amiga did not serve to advance  Commodore much beyond their early success that this site is focused on. 

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