We now have ALL Compute!, Ahoy, and Compute Gazette magazines scanned, character recognized and ready for you to read and search

Note that we have received reprinted with permission from the copy-write owner whenever possible.  Specifically Bruce Beach of the Transactor and frequently from Jim Butterfield (RIP)

MOS Technologies / Commodore Semiconductor Group KIM-1 Magazine Articles

Commodore / CSG / MOS KIM-1 For Every-1?

Kilobaud  August 1977

MOS Technology 6502 Team Photo including Bill Mensch & Chuck Peddle

Electronic Times Aug 1975

MOS Technology 6502 Team Picture in Electronic Times 1975 including Bill Mensch and Chuck Peddle 

Computer Performance of Music on 6502 CPU

Byte Sept 1977

Commodore Buys  MOS Technologies 

New Scientist Sept 1976 November 1975Commodore Buys MOS Technologies 1976 - New Scientist

Where is the MOS KIM-1 Going?

Kilobaud Early 1977

Chuck Peddle: Computer Pioneer who invented the 6502 microprocessor & the first personal computer

Computerkurs German Magazine, Issue 10 1984
Chuck Peddle, PET, Sirius Inventor of the Personal Computer

Commodore PET Magazine Articles

Commodore PET – Wood Chassis Prototype

Popular Science Oct 1977Commodore PET - Wood Chassis Prototype

Commodore PET 2001 Preview & Disassembly of a Chiclet PET

Electronics Today Feb 1978

Commodore PET 2001 “Announcement” – Part 1

Personal Computer World March 1978

Own Your Own Computer

Playboy February 1979

Commodores Approach to Computing – Commodore PET 2001 UK

Personal Computer World April 1978

Commodore PET 2001 Review

Personal Computer World April 1978

The Paper: For Owners of the Commodore Pet Personal Computer

PET Newsletter February 1979

The Paper: For Owners of the Commodore Pet Personal Computer

Commodore PET 2001 Review from 1980

Creative Computing December 1980

Commodore PET, SuperPET, 4040 and 8050 Frequently Asked Questions

Commodore Magazine August 1982

80 Column Expansion to 40 Column PET

TPUG February 1985

Commodore SuperPET Deeper Down – Criticism

TPUG February 1985

Commodore SuperPET OS/9 Released

TPUG February 1986

Commodore VIC-20 Magazine Articles

Sunset Days for Commodore VIC-20

TPUG February 1985

Commodore VIC-20 Frequently Asked Questions – SEE PAGE 2

Commodore Magazine August 1982

Commodore 64 Magazine Articles

Basic Introduction on the Commodore 64

Commodore Magazine August 1982

How to Add Your Basic Own Commands to a Commodore 64 – Hi Res Graphics Made Simple

Compute!  Aug 1983How to Add Your Basic Own Commands to a Commodore 64

C64 Design History

IEEE Spectrum Mar 1985C64 Design History

Commodore 64 Peripherals of the Future

Compute!  Mar 1985Commodore 64 Peripheral Ports

Commodore 64 Peripheral Ports

Compute!   Mar 1985Commodore 64 Peripheral Ports

C64 C128 VIC20 Plus/4 Expansion Ports

Compute!  Mar 1985Commodore 64 Expansion Ports

Guide to C64 Languages- Descriptions & Prices
ADA, BASIC, COMAL, C POWER, C-64 Forth/79, Enhanced Forth, Kyan Pascal, Logo, Master Forth, Nevada COBOL, Nevada Fortran, PILOT, PROMAL, Simons’ BASIC, The Sixty Forth, Super C Language Compiler, Super Expander 64, Super Forth 64 + AI, Super Pascal, UltraBASIC 64, VideoBASIC 64, White LightningCompute!  Jan 1986c64_languages_compute_jan86.jpg (200083 bytes)

dieHard November 1993

How to Install GEOS on a C64 or 128

dieHard September 1994

CarPilot C64 GPS Type Mapping System

Unknown Source 1984 (ish)
Commodore 64 Carpilot GPS Type Mapping System

Commocoffee Expresso Maker

Italian Magazine Ad MC MicroComputer 1985Commodore 64 Italian Magaine Ad MC MicroComputer For Commocoffee Expresso Maker

Commodore’s SX 64 Laptop Announcement

Compute!  April 1984Commodore's New Computer Family - Plus/4, 264 & 364

Commodore 128 Magazine Articles

Commodore 128: What is the “Stack”

Transactor September 1985

Commodore 128 Initial Review

Compute!  June 1985

What do you get if you cross a Commodore 64 with a CP/M business machine and a new 128K micro?

Your Computer, June 1985


How to Install GEOS on a C64 or 128

dieHard September 1984

Commodore 116, 264, 364, Plus/4 Magazine Articles

Commodore 264 364 Early Review from 1984 Includes good BASIC 3.5 Detail

TPUG Transactor   Volume 5  1984

Commodore’s New Computer Family – Plus/4, 264 & 364, Magic Desk 1…
The Beginning of the End Compute!  April 1984Commodore's New Computer Family - Plus/4, 264 & 364
Commodore Plus/4 Quick Overview 

Transactor Volume 6 1985

Commodore 16 & Plus 4 Memory Maps

Transactor Sept 1984

Commodore Plus4, C16, B Series, 1541 & 8050 Bits

Transactor January 1985

Commodore Plus/4 and C16: Disappointingly Mediocre


Other Commodore Hardware Magazine Articles

Computer Comparison 
Memory, Drives, Screen Size: Apple II & II Plus; HP-85A Atari 400 & 800; IBM PC Commodore PET CBM SuperPET, VIC-20 and moreCompute! 1985comparison1_compute_dec82.jpg (170427 bytes)
Machine Language Explained in a 4 Part Series  (all included)Compute! in 1982 1983
Jim Butterfield – The Dusty Crystal Ball Nostalgia Unearthed While Packing

ICPUG – Sept 1991



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