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Directories in /pub/cbm/c64/
../ [Parent directory]
amusements/ Entertaining software which are not games
archivers/ Archiving utilities
audio/ Audio programs
comm/ Telecommunications software
database/ Database utilities
demodisks@ Test/demo diskettes
demos/ Demos
diskutil/ Diskette utilities
firmware@ System firmware
games/ Games
graphics/ Graphics programs
html/ HTML documents
magazines/ Disk magazines and other electronic publications.
manuals/ User manuals for Commodore 64 related equipment
notemakers/ Note writing programs
os/ Operating systems for the Commodore 64.
packers/ Compression and linking utilities
packetradio/ Packet radio (radio amateur) stuff
programming/ Programming utilities, e.g. compilers
schematics@ Schematic diagrams
utilities/ Miscellanous utilities

Files in /pub/cbm/c64/
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