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There is a GEOS home page at with lists of GEOS files.
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GeoThek/ A German collection of GEOS files.
autoexec/ Automatically starting applications and tools for using them.
c128/ Geos programs that run only with GEOS 128.
c64/ Geos programs that run only with GEOS 64.
comm/ Telecommunications software.
deskacc/ Desk accessories.
drivers/ Device drivers.
games/ Games.
graphics/ Graphics utilities.
non-GEOS/ Non-GEOS utilities that have something to do with GEOS.
patches/ Patches to the GEOS Kernal.
programming/ Programming aids and documentation.
util/ Miscellanous utilities for GEOS.

Files in /pub/cbm/geos/
2001-04-10 123838 ALLFILES Index of all files under this area, text version.
2001-04-10 221087 ALLFILES.html Index of all files under this area, HTML version.
1998-01-13 46814 File listing from CMD's /pub/unsupported/geos directory (to keep track of changes on that site)

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