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cpm@ C128 CP/M related information
trivia/ Commodore trivia questions with answers

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2000-08-13 124664 8bit-emulation-faq.txt CBM emulation FAQ
1994-02-10 24136 c65-faq.2.0.gz
1994-02-10 31744 c65-faq2.sfx Some information about the Commodore 65, a planned successor to the Commodore 64 that was never marketed. GNU zipped text version and self-extracting archive.
1997-01-08 78353 cbm-main-faq.3.1.gz 'Root' FAQ (frequently asked questions) file for C= 'little' machines
1996-10-28 52371 cbm-products.txt Canonical list of known Commodore products ever produced.
1999-03-02 30031 ftp-sites.txt Commodore FTP site list

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