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This directory contains software for the Commodore 264 series, which includes the plus/4, the C16 and the rarely seen C116. All software should run on a plus/4, and on a C16 with a 64kB memory expansion.
Special thanks go to Lion/Chromance <[email protected]>, the maintainer of the site, and to Luca/FIRE <[email protected]>, a plus/4 scener who has uploaded most files.
../ [Parent directory]
Demos/ Demos.
Games/ Games, mainly converted from the C64.
Parties/ Pictures and other stuff from demo parties.
Tools/ Tools and utilities.
firmware@ System firmware
html/ HTML documents
magazines/ Disk magazines.
plus4joy@ Instructions for connecting a normal Atari VCS 2600 style digital joystick to the plus/4
schematics@ Schematic diagrams
unsorted/ Miscellanous stuff (education, games, utilities) that was uploaded by Jack Vander White ([email protected]). Feel free to test them out and to upload the directory indexes. :-)

Files in /pub/cbm/plus4/
2001-04-10 39869 ALLFILES Index of all files under this area, text version.
2001-04-10 97192 ALLFILES.html Index of all files under this area, HTML version.
1998-01-04 9921 Information about the Commodore plus/4. Also applies to the C16 and C116.
1998-08-05 66706 File list of, produced with the ls -lR command. Most of our files are from that site, but the directory structures are not compatible. This file is used to help mirroring. From the file date you will see when the site has been last mirrored.

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