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Programming information and tools.
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Amiga/ Programming tools for AmigaDOS.
c128@ C128 specific programming tools and information.
c64@ C64 specific programming tools and information.
cc65/ CC65, a C compiler that produces code runnable on Commodores.
geos@ GEOS specific programming tools and information.
msdos/ Programming tools for MS-DOS.
pet@ PET specific programming tools and information.
unix/ Programming tools for unix and other systems. These are typically distributed as C source code.

Files in /pub/cbm/programming/
1996-12-12 7527 cbm-basic-tokens.txt Commodore BASIC tokens for BASIC versions 1.0 through 10.0, including some third-party BASIC expansions. Uploaded by the author, Jouko Valta <[email protected]>.
1996-03-17 17399 kosmon.zoo A machine language monitor for the Commodore 64 and some PET models. You will need DASM to compile this one.
1998-08-11 19126 serial-bus.txt How The VIC/64 Serial Bus Works by Jim Butterfield, originally appeared in Compute! 1983.

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