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Commodore 64 Users Guide

Scanned by Rich Tener, Optimized and posted by December 2007

Select your .PDF  Note that many of these are large files and so you may want to right click on the link and select SAVE TARGET AS rather than trying to access them directly through your browser

c64-users-guide-manual-cover Chapter 0 – C64 Users Guide – Contents & Introduction 1MB
Chapter 1 – C64 Users Guide – Setup 1.3MB
Chapter 2 – C64 Users Guide – Getting Started 1.8MB
Chapter 3 – C64 Users Guide – Basic Programming 1.1MB
Chapter 4 – C64 Users Guide – Advanced Basic 1.4MB
Chapter 5 – C64 Users Guide – Advanced Color Graphic Commands 1.3MB

Chapter 6 – C64 Users Guide – Sprite Graphics

Chapter 7 – C64 Users Guide – Creating Sound 1.3MB
Chapter 8 – C64 Users Guide – Advanced Data Handling 1.4MB
Chapter 9 – C64 Users Guide – Appendices 7.2MB

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