This manual explains how to diagnose problems with your Commodore PET

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The PET Test includes a cassette tape containing 5 diagnostic programs and the diagnostic Test set.
The program list includes:
1. Graphic ROM Test
2. Graphic ROM Test
3. BUS ROM Test
4. BUS ROM Test
5. DYN RAM Test
6. DYN RAM Test
7. Data Checker
8. Data Checker
9. Screen Alignment
10. Screen Alignment
The diagnostic test set contains: diagnostic connectors, one connected to the keyboard connector and the other to the user port, and one diagnostic kit.
I. Necessary Tools
A. Cassette Recorder
B. Diagnostic Test Tape #2
C. Diagnostic Kit
D. Diagnostic Connectors
1I. Diagnostic Routine
Using the Diagnostic Kit
A. Opening the PET Computer.
1. Press the rocker switch to the .’OFF” position.
2. Remove the power cord from the wall socket to avoid all possible electrical shock.


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