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Here are some C128 CP/M related text documents. Some of them are compressed using CP/M specific programs, which you can find in the ../archivers/ directory.
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Files in /pub/cpm/texts/
1994-08-05 14080 c128beta.rzp C128 CP/M+ Beta-Tester's report
1994-08-05 5888 c128cmpt.dzc Disk/Data transfer programs for C128
1998-01-25 1280 commodor.tyt Comments on different formats that C=128 CP/M can handle
1994-08-05 1152 commodor.tzt Commodore/Kaypro compatibility
1994-08-05 4608 cpmprmr1.tqt CP/M+ Primer -- The DIR command
1994-08-05 7552 cpmprmr2.tqt CP/M+ Primer -- Part 2
1994-08-05 9472 cpmprmr3.tqt CP/M+ Primer -- Part 3
1994-08-05 12032 giunti.tqt Conference transcript of 10/29/86
1994-08-05 6380 new2cpm.doc Getting started with CP/M.
1994-08-05 2560 pip-help.tzt Help for using the PIP command.
1994-08-05 2042 rdskinfo.doc How to set C128 ramdisk drive letter
1994-08-05 7820 whycpm.doc Article on C128 CP/M+ features
1994-08-05 6400 wordstar.iqf Customizing WordStar on the C-128
1994-08-05 3456 ws-c128.azm Set C128 video attr/delays for WS4.0


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