Because of the age and amount of information in this brochure, we have converted it to text so you can read it easier.  If you have anything of equivalent age or older, please contact us.. This document was given to by Austin Hook of Canada’s (and likely North America’s) first retail computer store. I believe the document is from 1977 because:

  • it is very low quality
  • shows a Commodore PET 2001 with chiclet keyboard
  • shows a price of US$999 ($3500 in 2018 dollars) for the PET 2001
  • shows only original PET cassette, and 2020 printer

You can read the OCR’d (searchable) PDF HERE or click the pictures below:

The Commodore PET 2001The Original PET
Commodore 2020 Printer & C2N CassetteTractor Feed
Commodore BASIC Explanation
Commodore PET 2001 Chiclet KeyboardWith numeric keypad! Pretty damn cool for 1977. This keyboard was quickly changed to the common ful size keyboard.


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