Commodore Arcade – FLASH PLAYER

UPDATED: April 13, 2020 We have kept this page active for those who still want it, but nearly everyone will want to go to The games below run in Adobe Flash which has been discontinued so we now have a new Commodore Arcade that uses HTML5 and JavaScript which […]

What do you get if you cross a Commodore 64 with a CP/M business machine and a new 128K micro? Arthur Young finds out

Reproduced July 10, 2003 from Your Computer magazine, June 1985.  This was copied with permission from Chris Strafford of . All picture added by in November 2018 128K IS THE 1985 fashion adopted by manufacturers eager to stimulate a depressed home computer market. Within the constraints of current technology memory […]

What is Telecomputing – 1983

Telecomputing Today Tom R Halfhill, Features Editor Compute! Sept 1983 Reproduced April 18, 2002 with permission from Tom Halfhill Many futurists believe that someday telecomputing will be the primary use for home computers -an integral part of every modem household. You’ve probably already heard the predictions about home banking, home shopping, […]

Computers Using The MOS 6502 CPU

This is a list of most of the branded computers using the legendary Commodore Semiconductor Group / MOS 6502 processor.  If you are interested in this list, you are likely interested in these for articles: MOS – The Rise of MOS Technology & The 6502 The New 6500 CPU’s The […]