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OCR’d by Ian Matthews – Aug 16, 2003
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20,000 (20K)

4,000 (24k) bytes.




5,000 (5K) bytes

Memory expansion cartridges for 3K, 8K,and 18K (for total of 32K maximum).

84,000 (84k) bytes.


80,000 (80K) bytes.

Expendable to 144k bytes.

86 key typewriter style keyboard includes 4 programmable function keys.

ROM cartridge port.Joysticks and peddle port for cassette Input requires the C-1541 Input requires Recorder. For Diskette input requires the ves at 170K C-1541 disk drive (up to 5 drives bytes each).

62 key typewriter style keyboard Including 4 special function keys and “help” key.

Joysticks, paddle and keyboard controllers same as those used wits Atari Video System). Atari 410 or 1010 Program Recorder needed to load cassette based programs. Atari 810 or 1050 Disc Drive needed for Disc Programs.

75 key typewriter style keyboard. Additional 14 keys with hand controllers Includes fast transfer'”‘ Cassette Drive for storage of programs and data. 500k capacity.

Superaction controllers. Roller controllers. Steering controllers. Electronic sketch pad. Conversion Modules to play Atari 2600 game cartridges. Second fast transfer Cassette Drive available. Disc Drive available.

Uses home TV or video monitor.

Cassette or disk capability (see above) works with all Commodore printers

(except MPS801)

Uses home T.V. or Video Monitor

Cassette and Disk capability (see above).  Atari 820 Printer. Atari 815 Printer. Atari 1020 Prlnter/Plotter, Atari 1025 Printer, or Atari 1027 Letter quality Printer.

Uses T.V. or Video Monitor.
Letter quality printer with built-in Word Processor. Fast transfer. TM Cassette Drive with 500k capacity. Disc Drive available.
VIC BASIC Is built-in.

VIC ON #VIC-1213 Commodore assembly language.

Atari BASIC Built-in

Atari Microsoft BASIC, Atari Microsoft BASIC 11, Assembly Language, Atari Pilot Atari Logo, Pascal and Forth  available on request.

Built In SMART BASIC, computable with Applesoft BASICcompatibility.

Optional MLOGO.

SOUND: 4 tone generators with 5 octaves including, “white noise”. Programmable volume and tone control. 4 voices 3′ octaves. 3 voices.
SCREEN SIZE: 23 x 22 characters. 40 x 24 characters. 36 x 24 characters.
VIC-1600 direct connect phone modem

Includes necessary software.

Atari 1030 Direct Connect Modem with

Modem Link software cr Atari 835 Direct Connect Modem with Telelink software.

Phone Modem and RS-232 Interface are available.




Works with VIC-20 software only.

Available In ROM cartridge, cassette and diskette.

Works with all Atari, home computer software.Does not accept cartridges used with Atari Video Game System. Will run software written In Applesoft BASIC. Will run all Colecovislon game cartridges. With addition of Conversion Module, will run Atari 2600 game cartridges. Compatible with CP/M Software (with optional peripherals).
MISC: 8 bit 6502A microprocessor upper and lower case letter and ali PET characters.
8 color graphics.
6502C 8-Bit Microprocessor.
Selected International Character.
256 Color Graphics.
Includes Serial Input/Output Connector.