Commodore / MOS / CSG KIM-1 User Guide, Schematics, Hints and Source Code

The MOS KIM1 was the worlds first fully assembled computer.  It was a fairly popular KIT computer that MOS technologies released in 1975 for just US$245 as a ‘Computer Trainer’.  Commodore bought MOS in 1976 for US$800,000 and renamed it to Commodore Semiconductor Group (CSG).  CSG continued to make the KIM-1 until about 1980.


Rare White Commodore MOS KIM-1

The information and schematic below are Richard Cini’s excellent site.  They were reproduced October 14, 2002 with permission granted in July of 2002.  Thanx again Richard!

Click HERE for the KIM-1 Schematic

Click HERE for the KIM-1 HINTS / TIPS manual

Click HERE for the KIM-1 HARDWARE manual

Click HERE for the KIM-1 USERS GUIDE

Click HERE for the KIM-1 Source Code

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