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Commodore Downloads


Commodore Download



VICE v2.2 32Bit 6.5MB
VICE v2.2 64Bit 6.7MB
Commodore PET, 64, Plus/4, 128, VIC-20, Emulator.  Versatile Commodore Emulator For Windows MAC DOS, BeOS,   BeOS, Solaris, OS/2, Amiga, Dingoo, SkyOS, DOS and Linux from the good folks   at Launch INDEX.HTM in the HTML folder for instructions and manuals.
Nov 2010
How To Use VICE How to use WinVice & other Versatile Commodore Emulators
Jan 2009
Ahoy Magazine
Games & Utilities

2.5MB This file contains ALL of Ahoy!s disks that came with the magazine.  This is pile of free Commodore 64 Games and Utilities in D64 Format
Dec 2012
Compute Gazette Magazines Games & Utilities
8.2MB This file contains ALL of Compute!s disks that came with the magazine.  This   is pile of free Commodore 64 Games and Utilities in D64 Format
Dec 2012
Commodore PET Games 1MB of D64 ROMS mirrored with permission PortCommodore
Mar 2012
Commodore 64 & 128 Games 1.5MB of C64 ROMS – Includes 28 games like Artillery, Battle Chess, Carman San Diego, Dig Dug, Tetris, Wolfenstein, and Zork. An amalgam of games from several sources including Marcel of who has many more!
Apr 2004
GEOS for C64 & 128 From the good people at
 Feb 2004
Commodore PET ExecuDesk Commodore Business Software for the 8296 Series PET in D64 format
Feb 2007
VICE Notes for PET Notes on using VICE for Commodore PET emulation
Mar 2004
VICE Notes for C64 Notes on using VICE for Commodore 64 emulation
Mar 2004
Commodore 128 CP/M v3 ROM For use with a real 1541 drive or WinVice: To use with WinVice just start the X128.exe and drag this file on top of the emulated 128 screen.  Note that unless you are in Warp Mode this will take about 2 minutes to load!
Jul 2003
PET Games Screen Shots Great Commodore PET Screen Shots and Reviews – all included in PET Download
Mar 2002
Classic Games On-Line Now located HERE: play Space Invaders, Frogger, Asteroids, PacMan, Moon Patrol, Donkey Kong and more right in your browser!
Oct 2004
Commodore Promo Videos Now located on our Gallery, Video page
Dec 2002
Commodore Manuals Now located on our Gallery, Manuals page
Dec 2002
PET Easter Egg Hidden instruction for your amusement
Mar 2002
C128 Easter Egg Hidden instruction for your amusement
Mar 2002

Modern PC



What is RAID 5 ? Excellent explanation with graphics from Intel
Oct 2002
Web Based Network Utilities Amazing List of Free Services for Network Analysis Tools
May 2003
The Thinking Machine
(missing first 10 mins)
Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4    All-in-One 26MB
Windows Media Format Excellent Video on History of AI Artificial Intelligence
Feb 2002
Lawrence Lessig on Perversion of Copywrites 21MB  32MB   WMV Format from “Big Thinkers” on TechTV
May 2003

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  1. avatar

    necesito los controladores de audio de mi notebook commodore A24A muchas gracias

    • avatar

      Buen día, por desgracia, no nos llevamos los controladores para cualquier Commodores ‘pc moderna “como la A24A. Sin embargo, creo que el A24A es un Commodore muy moderno:

      – De 32 bits de Windows 7 Home Premium
      – Intel Core i3-2310M CPU 2.10 GHz
      – 3 GB de Ram 500 GB de disco duro
      – Gráficos Intel HD 3000

      Si ese es el caso, usted debe instalar cualquier sistema operativo de Windows que desee y navegar a usted será capaz de obtener la mayoría de los controladores directamente de Intel.

      También tengo un empresa de soporte de TI moderna y así que utilizo este sitio conductores de detección automática a Intel bastante.

      Espero que esto ayude … y Feliz Año Nuevo!

  2. avatar

    Hi. I’ve tried to download Compute’s Gazette Issue 52 several times, but I only get a 32kb damaged file. It’s seems the link is wrong.

    • avatar

      Good Day Roberto; Thank you for alerting us to this problem. The file was corrupt and all our backups (back to 2010!) had copies of that corruption. I found a repair tool, corrected the problem and am uploading the clean version right now. It should be in place within 10 minutes.

      I can now state that does a good job. Thanks DataNumen!

  3. avatar

    Thank you very much! Greetings from Argentina.

  4. avatar

    necesito los drivers de sonido de la commodore sp 3000 pc para winXP, saben donde los puedo bajar?Saludos

    • avatar
      Ian Matthews05-27-14

      Sorry but we do not have any ‘modern pc’ drivers for Commodore PC’s. However, I believe much of the hardware used Intel chipsets so you can likely source them at and use the AUTODETECT FEATURE.

  5. avatar


  6. avatar

    Necesito todos los drivers de la 4CP-00837. Donde los puedo conseguir?

  7. avatar

    Buenas noches, yo tengo una tablet Commodore IS-7107c, la cual dejo de encender, prende y queda en el logo de commodore y no termina de cargar el firmware, aca en Argentina directamente en la garantía te la cambian por otra, pero la mía ya no esta bajo garantía y nadie me la quiere reparar, me podrían dar un link de descarga, para yo poder descargar e instalar el firmware original de la tablet, gracias.


    • avatar
      Ian Matthews08-31-14

      Buen Día de Canadá. Por desgracia, no somos los fabricantes o incluso los propietarios de licencia para su tableta. Aún peor es la existen disputas sobre quién es dueño de la marca

      ver: diciembre 2013 – “… el Tribunal considera Asiarim responsable de la infracción de marcas, publicidad engañosa y la competencia desleal en violación de la Ley Lanham, infracción de marca registrada el derecho común y la competencia desleal, y interferencia ilícita con una ventaja empresarial prospectiva “.

      No sé que era dueño de la Marca Commodore en Argentina cuando puchased su tableta, pero es probable en un limbo legal hoy dado este comunicado. Me gustaría tomar de nuevo a la tienda donde lo compré y ver lo que, en todo caso, que pueden hacer por usted.

      Sé que esto es un dolor, pero en mi experiencia, por desgracia, no es raro que con tabletas basadas en Android de Google. El Samsung y Acer androides parecen sostener muchos problemas así que he visto con los demás.

      Espero que esto ayude, pero sospecho que no lo hace. Lamento que no podía proporcionar un resultado más feliz para usted.

      Good Day from Canada. Unfortunately, we are not the makers or even the license owners for your tablet. Even worse the there are disputes over who owns the brand

      see: Dec 2013 – “…the Court finds Asiarim liable for: trademark infringement, false advertising, and unfair competition in violation of the Lanham Act; common law trademark infringement and unfair competition; and tortious interference with prospective business advantage.”

      I do not know who owned the Commodore Brand in Argentina when you puchased your tablet, but they are likely in legal limbo today given this statement. I would take it back to the store where I purchased it and see what, if anything, they can do for you.

      I know this is a pain, but in my experience, it is sadly not uncommon with Google Android based tablets. The Samsung and Acer Androids seem to hold up well I have seen many problems with others.

      I hope this helps, but I suspect it does not. I am sorry I could not provide a happier outcome for you.

    • avatar

      Tengo el mismo problema, no logro encontrar los roms para la tablet.-

      • avatar
        Ian Matthews11-09-14

        Sorry, we have no information on post 1994 Commodore branded hardware. I would talk to your local retailer to see if there are any available.

  8. avatar

    Hi, I need the drivers for a ke-4000 Commodore, where can I find them?


  9. avatar
    daniel lequio10-20-14

    buenos dias necesito los controladores de red de A24A intente instalar los de intel pero no lo reconoce, gracias espero su respuesta

    • avatar
      Ian Matthews11-09-14

      Sorry, but we have no information on post 1994 Commodore hardware as we are dedicated to 8 bit Computing. I would seek information from your local retailer.

  10. avatar

    Hi Ian –

    Great site! I loved perusing the old Compute! and Gazette magazines, which I subscribed to as a kid. I downloaded the zip file above with all of the Gazette game and utility files, but one issue was missing: Best of Compute! & Gazette for Commodore 64 & 128, published in late 1987 or January 1988. (

    The “Best of Compute! & Gazette” issue itself came with a disk, but I’ve had no luck finding the .d64 files (I looked at, too). Its .d64 file isn’t to be confused with .d64 files for either the “Best of 1988″ or the “Special 1988″ issue, both of which were separate issues.

    Do you have any insights on where I might find that issue’s downloadable files?


    • avatar
      Ian Matthews12-21-14

      Good Day; Sorry for the time lag but I have been overwhelmed with my regular work recently. I will look into the files you mention and get back to you as soon as I can, likely a day or so.

      Thanks for surfing our site and letting us know of issues. (pardon the pun!)

      … and Merry Christmas!

  11. avatar
    Commodore ke 8327-mb11-27-14

    Hi I need the drivers for windows 7. Please give me a download link. Thanks

    • avatar
      Ian Matthews12-21-14

      Sorry but we only have information on 8bit (pre 1990-ish) hardware and software. We have nothing for Windows 7.

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