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Commodore 64 Software

This brochure is not dated but believed to be from 1984


Commodore 64 Software (front)
Commodore 64 Software (inside cover)…a fantastic array of ready to use software…
Commodore 64 SoftwareProgramming Aids & Computer LanguagesAssembler, Pilot, Logo
Commodore 64 SoftwareProgramming Aids & Computer Languages con’tPET Emulator, Screen Editor, CPM 2.2, Super Expander
Commodore 64 SoftwareBusiness SoftwareMagic Desk 1, Easy Calc, The Manager, Easy Script, Easy Mail, Easy Spell, Word/Name Machine
Commodore 64 SoftwareGames and RecreationZork, Zork II, Zork III, Deadline, Starcross, Suspended
Commodore 64 SoftwareGames and Recreation con’tJupiter Lander, Kickman, Seawolf, Speed/Bingo Math, Radar Rat Race, Clowns
Commodore 64 SoftwareGames and Recreation con’tVisible Solar System, Tooth Invaders, Lazarian, Omega Race, Lemans, Pinball Spectacular
Commodore 64 SoftwareArt & SoftwareIntroduction to BASIC: Part 1, Gortek and the Microchips, EasyLesson 64 and EasyQuiz 64, Music Machine, Music Composer
Commodore 64 SoftwarePublic Domain SoftwareBusiness 1, English 1 through 8, Mathematics 1 through 8, Geography 1
Commodore 64 SoftwarePublic Domain Software con’tComputer Science 1, Technology 1, Games 1, 2 & 3, Science 1 through 4, History 1
Commodore 64 Software (back cover)

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