OCR’ed August 6, 2003 by Ian Matthews – Sourced from early 1977 Kilobaud Magazine. Original formatting has been maintained as much as possible.

Low-Cost Microcomputer

Digital Research now offers CP/M, a low-cost advanced disk operating system designed for use with IBM-compatible diskette-based computer systems which employ the Intel 8080 microcomputer. Previously available only to OEMs, CP/M has been in existence for over three years in various manufacturers’ products and has undergone extensive field testing. The functions of this software package include named dynamic files, program editing, assembly, debugging, batch processing, and instantaneous program loading, resulting in facilities similar to popular timesharing services. CP/M is an “unbundled” software package, which can be easily adapted to any 8080 or Z-80 computer system with at least 16K of main memory and one or two IBM-compatible disk drives. Although the standard CP/M system operates on an Intel MDS, the fieldmodification manual provided with CP/M tells how to alter CP/M for other hardware configurations. Price for a complete CP/M system in object form with documentation is $70, documentation (set of 6 manuals) alone is $25. For further information, contact Digital Research, PO Box 579, Pacific Grove CA 93950.

6502 Resident Assembler,
Tiny BASIC Interpretive
Programs on ROM

Microcomputer Associates Inc. announce their 6502 Resident Assembler Program (RAP) and Tiny BASIC interpretive program on ROM chips. Two 2K x 8 ROMs comprise the software ROM package housing the 1 .75 K Resident Assembler and the 2.2K Tiny BASIC program.

Formerly contained in seven 1702A PROMS, RAP is the only single pass Resident 6502 assembler available today. Statements are entered either from paper tape or directly from a terminal keyboard. RAP generates a listing and places object code into RAM for immediate execution. A minimum of 4K x 8 RAM memory is needed with the users’ 6502 microcomputer. RAP allows a 6502 microcomputer to function economically as a microcomputer development system. Following assembly the programs can be debugged using the debugging facilities of DEMON, Microcomputer Associates’ DE-bug MONitor program housed in the 1 K ROM section of a 6530 ROM/RAM-1/0-interval timer circuit. A text editor is included.

The ROMs are totally pin-compatible with 2708-type PROMs.

The RAP/Tiny BASIC ROM package (SW 101) is priced at $200 and includes full documentation with deliveries from stock to 30 days ARO.

RAP is also available on a set of seven 1702A PROM

(SW200) for $295. Tiny BASIC is available either in paper tape format (SW300) for $25 or on a set of nine 1702A PROMs (SW201) for $275. All software is fully documented with deliveries from stock to 30 days ARO.

For further information contact Darrell Crow, Microcomputer Associates, 2589 Scott Blvd., Santa Clara CA 95050.