Taken from Calgary Commodore Computer User Group June 1987 Newsletter
by Will Hercus – Various sources used. Complete reference listing is available upon request.

128 Key Repeat

The keys on the C-128 repeat when held down. If you want to change the C-128 to have non-repeating keys like the C-64, type POKE 2594,0. This will only allow only the spacebar, the INST/DEL key, and the cursor keys to repeat. To return to normal, type POKE 2594,128 try It.

Load and Run Programs

If you type a colon “:” after the “,8. you can hold down the shift key and press RUN/STOP and the program will automatically load and run.

Did You Know?

With SPEEDSCRIPT and PAPERCLIP (and maybe other word processors) you can draw lines on the screen by holdln9 down the Commodore key and the @ key.

I Spy and Secret Codes

Partly out of pride and partly as a form of security and copy protection programmers and system designers will often sign” their work by embedding strange pieces of code or cute messages In their programs. The most famous “signature” In Commodore circles Is the music code which plays “POMP and CIRCUMSTANCE” stuck In the middle of BABY SCRIPT. The latest 1s In the C-128 and you can see it for yourself. Type in SYS32800,123,45,6 (In C-128 mode of course).

Fool Your Friends!

Try this on your friends when they aren’t looking. Type POKE 744,0 on their C-64 and then ask to look at their latest BASIC program creation to see the listing. All they will be able to show you are the line numbers. Or try POKE 22,35 and list the program with no line numbers. Now it is up to you to get your friends computer functional again, no fair turning it off and on …that’s the coward’s way out.

Cold Start vs. Warm Start?

The C-64 User’s Guide says Cold Start (SYS 64738) restarts the machine as if It were Just powered up. The fact is, It just resets all pointers in Zero Page. Your variables are still there, but the machine does not recognize their presence. Warm start (SYS 64759), does the same thing with the exception of screen display. The System call I use to cold start the 64 is SYS 64760. After using this call, I can 90 into the memory and all traces of my old arrays and variables have been erased.