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Commodore Computers | PET, 64, 128, History, Pictures, Manuals, Advertising & ROMS

Welcome to the refreshed site which provides history, manuals, ROM downloads, along with an active user forum for support of your 8 Bit Commodore computers, including:

In addition to these mainstream machines we also cover Commodore derivatives like the:

  • Commodore PET 2001 3008, 4016, 4032, 8032, 8096SK, P500 B700 C710, and 8296SK
  • Commodore VIC VC-20, VIC-1001
  • Commodore 64C, 64GS, VIC-30, Commodore One, C-1
  • Commodore 116, C16, 232, 264, 364, Plus/4, “TED”
  • Commodore C128, 128CR, 128DCR

We detail the product announcements and secrets of Commodore Prototypes like the:

We provide everything from the original TV advertising to a Photo Gallery, to Print Advertising, History, Technical User Manuals, Schematics, downloadable ROM’s, and even a live browser based arcade of such classic games as Asteroids and PacMan… no install required!

Some of the most interesting content is our Commodore Chronology and Commodore people section, which has great detail on such notable Commodore management as:

It’s 8 Bit Commodore, we have it.

Commodore was, without doubt, the most important company in retail computer history, relentlessly driving the market forward.  Commodore INVENTED the PC Personal Computer and no-one else, including Apple, can stake that claim.  Commodore was the first computer company with a BILLION dollars in sales.  Commodore invented… and the list goes on and on and on.

Click through our site and drop us a line using our user forum if you have something to say!

Also, if you have an old device, click HERE to connect to our TEXT ONLY site.

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  1. avatar
    Antonio Romano12-07-14

    Jack was a great man, he wrote the most important page in personal computer industry and in computer science. Thank you very much Jack.

  2. avatar

    Compute Magazine Issue #26 link points to Compute Issue #25

    • avatar
      Ian Matthews02-02-15

      Good call! That link has been corrected.

      Note that we expect to have all of the TRANSACTORS added by the summer 2015 thanks to a donation.

  3. avatar


    Can I use some of your MOS IC pictures on

    Of course, you will be clearly and fully referenced.


    • avatar
      Ian Matthews03-01-15

      Certainly. Thanks for asking!

  4. avatar
    Gustavo Burket02-27-15

    Buenas noches estoy necesitando el firmware para las tablet IS-7107C

    • avatar
      Ian Matthews03-01-15

      Sorry, but we have no information on modern Commodore Hardware. We provide Commodore 8bit history.

  5. avatar
    Robin Bryant04-26-15

    My husband was an Commodore fan and had lots and lots of computers and software for several of the models as well as monitors and printers. Is there any one interested in purchasing them bulk as he passed earlier this month. I would like to see them go to someone that is as interested as he was and not in the trash.

  6. avatar
    Robin Bryant06-21-15

    Thank you for the information.. I am currently listing some of the items on Ebay with success. I do however have some items that I will not ship such as monitors and some other items such as printers, ribbons, pin feed paper, and some software collections. I am looking for someone within driving distance to buy out a lot of these items. I live in PA

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