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1996-10-29 707 21-destructor.prg Writes a read error 21 to a 1571 or 1541 disk. Destroys the whole track!
1996-10-29 510 22-destructor.prg Writes a read error 22 to a 1571 or 1541 disk. Destroys the sector!
1996-10-29 1181 23-destructor.prg Writes a read error 23 to a 1571 or 1541 disk. Destroys the sector!
1997-08-18 100039 AssBlaster-3.0.d64.gz A feature-rich assembler distributed by Byterapers 1995. Uploaded by Urpo Lankinen <>.
2001-01-13 25389 BASIC-Programming-Tools.DaveJB.d64.gz Several tools by Dave for managing BASIC programs and for expanding the capabilities of the BASIC interpreter and the system services.
2001-01-13 35330 BASIC-Syntaxer.DaveJB.d64.gz
2001-01-13 17123 BASIC-Syntaxer.DaveJB.readme An on-the-fly syntax checker for C= BASIC like languages by H�di Gyula 1988-1991. This system extension checks BASIC program files to find Syntax and Type Mismatch Errors. Includes a language reference file editor, data files for some common BASIC variants, and source files.
1995-04-03 18976 F8 AssBlaster Light.prg An assembler for the Flash 8 accelerator card
1995-04-23 37144 Final Cartridge III software.sfx Software for the Final Cartridge III.
1998-01-04 22201 Logo-utilities.d64.gz
1998-01-04 25091 Logo.d64.gz
1998-01-04 3715 Logo.readme Commodore Logo, an easy to learn functional, graphics-orientated programming language.
1999-03-25 29327 atass.lzh
1999-03-25 26283 atass.tar.gz @ass, a GPL licensed assembler by Andr� Fachat. Source code included.
1999-03-25 77791 atbasic.lzh
1999-03-25 75561 atbasic.tar.gz @basic, a GPL licensed BASIC extension by Andr� Fachat. Source code included.
1999-03-25 28860 atmon.lzh
1999-03-25 25878 atmon.tar.gz @mon, a GPL licensed machine language monitor by Andr� Fachat. Source code included.
1993-09-18 232 mlass-1.0.readme
1993-09-18 12985 mlass-1.0.sfx A restricted menu-oriented assembler.
1993-09-09 16010 mlisp.sfx Micro LISP.
1994-01-20 1515 restrings.prg
1994-01-20 4170 restrings.readme Use Commodore REUs as string data storage in BASIC
1992-10-25 1122 sal64.doc
1992-10-25 39370 sal64.sda An assembler

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