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Directories in /pub/cbm/c128/programming/
../ [Parent directory]
cpm@ Programming stuff for CP/M.
documents/ Documentation that could be useful when writing programs.
geos@ Programming stuff for GEOS.

Files in /pub/cbm/c128/programming/
1993-12-25 30471 mightymon.uua@ Machine language monitor.
1999-08-02 4486 weehack128.lnx An extension for the built-in machine language monitor. The commands include b (set a breakpoint) and dp (disassemble from the program counter). Author: Adam Vardy <>.
1990-02-11 908 work.prg
1999-05-02 915 work.readme A utility for loading a file to the built-in machine language monitor. Redefines the function keys. Uploaded by Adam Vardy <>.

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