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The programs in this directory are typically to be on a bigger system than an 8-bit Commodore. Most of these programs can be compiled on non-unix systems, such as MS-DOS. If you develop programs with these tools, you will need a transfer system to get the binaries to a real Commodore, or you must use an emulator.
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1994-12-11 63393 as6502-1.60.tar.gz A 6502 assembler that supports multiple source files. Not too user- friendly, but has conditional assembly and some nice features, like dividing the code to modules.
2000-01-06 21841 d65-0.2.1.tar.gz A 65xx disassembler written in C. Compiles under various Unix systems. Recursive scanning algorithm, detects data blocks very reliable and has a load of command line options.
1995-05-10 60551 dasm202.tar.gz A macro assembler for 6502, 6805, 6303 and 68705. Ported from the original Lattice C source to ANSI C by Olaf 'Rhialto' Seibert. He also made the assembler more flexible regarding the input files.
1996-01-21 51499 A newer version of DASM with some bug fixes and new features.
1995-04-01 16365 petcat-1.9.tar.gz Produces ASCII dump of Commodore BASIC programs. Supports several different BASIC versions and dialect. Distributed as the C source code and a manual page. Programmed by Jouko Valta <>.
1998-02-22 29371 recomment-4.07a.tar.gz This Perl script disassembles 6502 binaries and produces HTML output from them. Updated and uploaded by André Fachat. See for more information.
1998-12-20 144919 xa-2.1.4f+65816.tar.gz xa-2.1.4f with 65816 support (6502 mode seems to be broken though). 65816 opcodes and modes coded by Jolse Maginnis.
1998-04-21 89082 xa-2.1.4f.tar.gz 6502 Cross assembler for Unix, Atari ST, and Amiga. Author: André Fachat <>
This version supports the new relocatable binary file format o65 for 6502 and 65816 CPUs (only 6502 is supported). The assembler is public domain (GPL).
1998-12-20 91880 xa-2.1.4h.tar.gz New version of xa, including cross reference list.

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