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1999-06-16 135400 CopeAssembler.lnx An integrated Assembler development environment.
1998-01-13 8772 DialogBox-Editor.cvt BoxEditor V1.0 by Stephen Van Egmond. This program allows you to create dialog boxes for your programs.
1998-01-13 20622 DisAssembler-2.0.cvt DisAssemblerV2.0 by Marc F. Brouillette. Produce a GeoWrite file for a prg. Will now work with any drive..Airs' :)
1998-05-26 48758 Mega Assembler-a.d64.gz
1998-05-26 59929 Mega Assembler-b.d64.gz
1998-05-26 2595 Mega Assembler.readme An accompanying disk for a German GEOS programming book with an assembler and tools for GEOS64 and GEOS128 program development.
1999-06-16 33274 SpringBoard.lnx The Springboard Assembler takes geoWrite files (any version), and uses them as 6502 assembly source files. It can assemble up to sixteen files into a sixteen-module GEOS application. There is no need for a linker.
1998-01-11 1296 backdebug.cvt
1992-05-11 408 backdebug.readme A little patch for geoDebugger 2.0 to force it to automatically come up as the BackRAM Debugger.
1992-05-11 586 db128rboot.readme
1992-05-11 8704 db128rboot.sfx This is a hack I put together before I had geoDebugger 2.0 with the BackRAM debugger.
1998-01-13 42459 geoBasic-minidemo.cvt
1998-01-13 7620 geoBasic-minidemo.notes.cvt geoBasic demo. The notes are in note pad V2.0 format.
1999-06-16 18023 geoBasic.patch.lnx A patch for geoBasic that adds some features to it.
1999-06-16 147094 geoCom.lnx Demo version of a Basic compiler developed in Germany. This compiler uses its own Basic dialect.
1998-01-11 3285 geoProgPatch2.1.cvt
1998-01-11 363 geoProgPatch2.1.readme This is the geoProgrammer Patch 2.1 which allows the geoProgrammer applications to be run under GEOS128.
1998-01-13 3174 geoProgrammer.errata.cvt Errors found in geoProgrammer. This geoWrite V2.0 document is dated 01/25/88.
1998-01-05 1536 geoSplitter.prg This Commodore BASIC program extracts data from GEOS directory entries.

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