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1998-03-29 16384 64c.251913-01.bin Commodore 64c BASIC and KERNAL, a 23128 ROM chip composed from the 901226-01 BASIC and 901227-03 KERNAL ROMs.
1998-05-12 16384 64gs.390852-01.bin Commodore 64GS BASIC and KERNAL, a 27128 EPROM chip from a West German machine DA5 016014E, assy no. 250469, 252311 rev.B. The chip has the label 1984, 90 CBM / 390852-01 / C64GS ROM CS=DF34. The BASIC part is otherwise normal, but it uses fill byte $00 instead of $AA. The KERNAL has been modified from the 901227-03, and most modifications are in the area $F72C-$FC92, which also contains a copyright message. Many jumps have been changed to $FB4D, which in turn jumps to $F707, which in turn causes I/O error #5.
1998-06-11 1609 README Commodore 64 parts and firmware versions
1994-01-24 8192 basic.901226-01.bin Commodore 64 BASIC V2. The first and only revision.
1995-03-02 8192 basic.c65.bin Commodore 64 BASIC V2, taken from the Commodore 65 ROM. Uses fill byte $FF instead of $AA.
1994-01-24 4096 characters.901225-01.bin The character generator ROM.
1994-06-02 8192 kernal.4064.901246-01.bin Commodore PET64 or 4064 KERNAL. With black&white startup colors, and with a different bootup message. Machines with color monitors used the standard Commodore 64 KERNAL ROM.
1998-05-05 647 kernal.4064.readme More specific information about the PET64 a.k.a. 4064 a.k.a. Educator 64 KERNAL ROM.
1994-06-11 8192 kernal.901227-01.bin Commodore 64 KERNAL ROM Revision 1. The RS-232 timing table is designed for exactly 1 MHz system clock frequency, although no C64 runs at that clock rate. Ripped from a very old American C64.
1994-01-24 8192 kernal.901227-02.bin Commodore 64 KERNAL ROM Revision 2. Can be found on 1982 and 1983 models.
1994-01-24 8192 kernal.901227-03.bin Commodore 64 KERNAL ROM Revision 3. The last revision, also used in the C128's C64 mode.
1995-03-02 8192 kernal.c65-caff.bin Commodore 64 KERNAL ROM, taken from a Commodore 65 ROM. Dated 1990.
1995-03-02 8192 kernal.c65-e96a.bin Commodore 64 KERNAL ROM, taken from a Commodore 65 ROM. Dated 1991.
1994-01-24 8192 kernal.swedish.bin Commodore 64 KERNAL ROM Revision 3, patched for Swedish/Finnish keyboard layout.
1994-06-02 8192 Commodore SX64/DX64 KERNAL. With different startup colors, and tape routines disabled.
1997-11-24 8192 Commodore SX64/DX64 KERNAL, patched for Swedish/Finnish keyboard layout.
1996-11-10 12142 pla.txt Logic equations in Abel format for the 82S100 PLA chip used in the C64, and a JEDEC file that can used to burn a 82S100 as a C64 PLA.

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