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Here are some schematic diagrams of the Commodore 64.
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[email protected] Commodore 64 cartridges
[email protected] Disk drives
[email protected] System firmware
manual-html/ Commodore 64 Service Manual in HTML format.
manual/ Service Manual, Model C64 Computer, Feb. 1985 PN-314001-02
sx-64/ The portable variant of the Commodore 64

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1998-03-29 166347 250469-rev.A-left.gif
1998-03-29 134382 250469-rev.A-right.gif
1996-10-31 129880 250469-rev.B-right.gif Commodore 64c rev.A and rev.B (new design). The 64c boards have the following texts: PCB ASSY NO. 250469 and PCB NO. 252311 REV.A (or B on newer boards). The difference between the two revisions is in the Gate Array chip: The one in rev.B includes COLOR RAM. That is why only the right half of the schematic diagram differs. The REV.A schematics also has the part number 252312.
1998-06-19 296752 [email protected]
1998-06-19 291075 [email protected] Commodore 64 schematic diagram 251138 from the Service Manual
1998-06-19 284360 [email protected]
1998-06-19 235530 [email protected] Commodore 64 schematic diagram 251469 from the Service Manual
1998-04-17 267284 252278-1.gif
1998-04-24 230917 252278-2.gif Commodore 64 schematic diagram 252278. This seems to be an intermediate cost-reduced version, with 64kb4 memory chips but small ROMs.
1997-02-17 626038 252312-left.gif
1997-02-17 498353 252312-right.gif A bit better scan of the 250469 REV.A, with 8 levels of gray.
1998-06-19 263850 [email protected]
1998-06-19 281339 [email protected] Commodore 64 schematic diagram 326106 from the Service Manual
1996-11-16 24774 c64-cassette-io.gif A block diagram of the Commodore 64 cassette I/O circuitry. Taken from the SAMS C64 Troubleshooting Guide.
1996-11-16 31193 c64-powersupply.gif A block diagram of the Commodore 64 internal power supply (how the +12V, +9V and TOD clock signals are generated from the 9V AC input). Taken from the SAMS C64 Troubleshooting Guide.
1996-11-16 52036 c64-r1.chips.gif A chip location diagram of the first C64 board revision. Assy number unknown, or maybe 251138. Taken from the SAMS C64 Troubleshooting Guide.
1996-11-16 22896 c64-video.gif A block diagram of the video circuitry in the first C64 board revision. Taken from the SAMS C64 Troubleshooting Guide.
1996-05-08 29785 c64bus.gif A block diagram of the bus signals in the C64.
1999-04-05 21785 c64extps.gif Commodore 64 Power Supply, part no. 902503-02, input 116V 60Hz 40W. This is the North American power supply that can be taken apart. The schematic was drawn by William Levak. According to him, the transistor and the 300 ohm resistor can be removed and replaced with a standard +5V 750mA voltage regulator, which is much more reliable.
1997-02-15 86159 ciasid.gif CIA and SID pinouts and general data
1997-02-15 89302 cpupla.gif 6510 and PLA pinouts and general data
1997-02-15 49415 mem.gif 2048k*8 SRAM pinout and general data. VIA pinout.
1998-06-19 120096 [email protected] Modulator schematic 251025 from the Service Manual
1998-06-19 83802 [email protected] Modulator schematic 251696 from the Service Manual
1997-01-21 196832 prg-cpu-left.gif
1997-01-21 117603 prg-cpu-right.gif
1997-01-21 188463 prg-vic-left.gif
1997-01-21 174251 prg-vic-right.gif Commodore 64 schematic diagram, scanned with 360 DPI, 2 colours. This seems to be the same (buggy) schematic that was published in the Commodore 64 Programmer's Reference Guide, but has been partially translated into German.
The vic part contains the ROMs, SIDs, Video Controller, RAMs, Address-decoding, Expansion Port and User Port.
The cpu part contains the Port elements (CIA), CPU, AC-Adaptor, Timer, Port Layout
All resistors are 0.25W 5% and all capacitors are in F, unless otherwise stated.
1998-05-01 78504 ultimax.gif Commodore VIC-10, a.k.a. UltiMax a.k.a. "Vickie" schematic diagram, drawn by Ruud Baltissen. For more information on this extremely rare machine, see

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