Commodore Innovations
Reproduced April 7 2002 with permission from Burt of the Commodore 64 Dungeon
Last Revised Dec 30 2018

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The following is a list of Commodore innovations:

1st single board microcomputer – MOS KIM-1 (Commodore bought MOS tech within 6 months of KIM being released) and not the Apple 1 Kit!
Best selling computer in History (even today in 2003)- The Commodore 64 sold 30 million records and is in the Guinness Book of Records
Complete Line of Commodore Canada Products from 1981st 1 million plus unit selling computer, the VIC-20

1st computer company to make $1 Billion dollars in Sales
1st computer company to have more than 50% of the global home computer market
1st multimedia computer (Amiga)
1st computer to have co-processors (SuperPET)
1st true-multitasking system was Commodore Amiga not Apple!
1st multitasking OS (Amiga)
1st portable (“laptop”) color computer – SX64
1st company to develop the DMA bus
1st portable hand-held calculator
1st LCD Display
1st company to define the word “multimedia”
1st Digital Sine-Cosine generator
1st and only computer (Amiga) that can display multiple screens at different resolutions on a single monitor.
1st Computer used by average people (non-computer people) (Commodore 64)1st Fluorescent Light Dimming Switch
1st Fluidtight doors opening/closing device
golden-commodore-64-1million1st CD-ROM Video Game Machine
1st I/O to storage addressing and architecture scheme
1st CD-ROM Error Control scheme (cirs)
1st Joystick controller
1st Sitdown style video-game controller
1st multiple linked video game controllers
1st Raster Monitor for video graphic displays
1st and only computer graphic subsystem that allows multiple bitplanes and bitdepths available on the screen at the same time
1st Sound Interface Chip – SID6581
1st company to develop the video/digital to/from analog converter
1st company to develop “plug and play”
1st Object Oriented OS (Amiga)
1st hardware blitter objects (Amiga)
1st computer to have “genlock graphics” and overscan