20 New Commodore Videos Posted

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20 New Commodore Videos Posted

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I have been saving dozens of videos for our new site... and now that we have it, I spent about 1 million hours converting videos to different formats:

http://www.commodore.ca/commodore-galle ... o-adverts/
(Look for the Image which indicates new items. ... and please click an advert as these items are expensive to host)

Some of the more interesting new items are:

1977 - Commodore PET – Computers to Buy Now - BBC
1982 - Commodore VIC-20 Wonder of 1980′s – Shatner
1983 - How a Floppy Disk (and Hard Disk) Works - PET & HP
1985 - Commodore 64 – Elephant No Serious Competition
1988 - Commodore 64 – How to Use a Koala Pad
1988 - GEOS – What is GEOS – Brian Dougherty
1988 - Max Toy – Commodore President talks C64

Some of these were converted from VHS tape, some were sent to me by readers, one was even sent to me by an audio engineer who worked in the Vancouver Canada studio which recorded some of these. Thanks to all those who sent in content :)

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