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Commodore 64 Programmers Reference Guide
Scanned by Rich Tener, Optimized and posted by December 2007

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Official Commodore 64 Programmers Reference Guide from 1981

Chapter 0 - C64 Programmers Reference Table of Contents and Introduction


Chapter 1 - C64 Programmers Reference - Basic Programming Rules


Chapter 2 - C64 Programmers Reference - Basic Language Vocabulary


Chapter 3 - C64 Programmers Reference - Programming Graphics

Chapter 4 - C64 Programmers Reference - Programming Sound 2.1MB
Chapter 5 - C64 Programmers Reference - Basic To Machine Language 10.5MB
Chapter 6 - C64 Programmers Reference - Input Output Guide 3.1MB
Chapter 7 - C64 Programmers Reference - Appendices 9.7MB
Chapter 8 - C64 Programmers Reference - Schematics 1.1MB


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