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HiTech C is a ISO 9899 C compiler that produces Z80 code for use with the Commodore 128's CP/M mode. It might work on other Z80 systems as well.
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SteveGoldsmith/ Some Commodore 128 programming stuff for the HiTech C compiler by Steve Goldsmith.

Files in /pub/cpm/programming/HiTech_C/
1993-10-26 862 README A readme for HiTech C
1993-10-26 3315 atob.c HiTech src ATOB encoder
1993-10-26 5038 hitechc.txt Text file about HiTech C
1993-10-26 9088 htc-ovl.lzh OVL file for HiTech C
1993-10-26 4480 htc-ovl.pma Same PMARCHIVE
1993-10-26 82711 libsrc.lzh src file for HiTech C
1993-10-26 40960 libz01.lbr lib for HiTech C
1993-10-26 98256 z80doc.lzh Document file
1993-10-26 202307 z80v309.lzh HiTech CP/M C Compiler