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6500/ CSG 6500/6501 microcontroller data sheet
6509/ CSG 6509 microprocessor with memory management
650x/ CSG NMOS 6500 Series Microprocessors
6523/ CSG NMOS 6523 Tri-Port interface (TPI)
6525/ CSG NMOS 6525 Tri-Port Interface (TPI) with interrupt control
6582/ CSG HMOS 6582 Sound Interface Device
65c23/ CSG 65C23 Tri-Port Interface, preliminary information
6809/ Motorola MC6809E 8-bit microprocessing unit
la8200m/ Sanyo LA8200M r/w amplifier (equivalent to Sony CX20185 and Motorola MC28719)
r650x/ Rockwell NMOS 650x and 651x microprocessors
t6721/ Toshiba T6721A, T6772, T6684 C�MOS Voice Synthesizing LSI, June 1984
wd177x/ Western Digital 1770/1772/1773 Floppy Disk Controller
ym3526/ Yamaha YM3526 OPL2 FM synthesizer chip used in the Sound Expander cartridge.

Files in /pub/cbm/documents/chipdata/
1999-08-13 316184 16kb�8 mask-programmable asynchronous read-only memory
1999-08-15 388939 4kb�8 mask-programmable asynchronous read-only memory
1999-08-16 411377 8kb�8 mask-programmable asynchronous read-only memory
1999-08-17 368330 32kb�8 read-only memory, hand-written printer's copy of the preliminary data sheet.
2000-02-18 2088 5710.txt The floppy disk controller used in the 1571CR (128DCR internal drive); data composed by William Levak.
1997-07-30 83317 64doc A fairly complete description of the NMOS 65xx processors and the Commodore 64.
1996-11-17 19647 6502-NMOS.extra.opcodes "Extra Instructions Of The 65XX Series CPU" by Adam Vardy ([email protected])
Describes the basic functionality of the extra NMOS 6502 opcodes. See also 64doc.
1999-09-20 1268906 CSG 6508 microprocessor with 256 bytes of RAM and 8 I/O pins
1999-10-20 1376562 Preliminary 6510 CPU data sheets, rev. A, 11/82. At least the pin-out has been changed later; the on-chip I/O port has only 6 bits.
1999-09-25 1322775 CSG 6510 microprocessor with 6 I/O pins
1998-05-15 481151 Data sheets for the MCS6520 Peripheral Adapter, which appears to be a Motorola 6821 PIA clone.
1997-03-23 74398 6522-VIA.txt
1997-03-23 17459 6522 Versatile Interface Adapter data sheets converted to text by Frank Kontros. This chip is used in many Commodore disk drives, in the Commodore VIC-20 and in different PET models. The .zip file contains the same information as the .txt file, only the graphics are in IBM Code Page 437 character set instead of plain ASCII.
1998-06-22 2597280 MCS 6522 Versatile Interface Adapter, preliminary data sheet, November 1977.
1999-09-20 485436 CSG 6523 tri-port interface (preliminary information)
1998-06-22 972183 MOS 6525 Tri-port Interface Adapter, preliminary information, 2/81.
1998-06-23 1310901 MOS Technology 6526 Complex Interface Adapter (CIA) data sheets, 11/81.
1998-06-11 38330 MOS 6526 CIA (Complex Interface Adapter) data sheet in HTML format.
1998-06-23 434499 CSG 6529 Single Port Interface, 4/81. Used in the C16, C116 and plus/4.
1998-06-22 1259447 MCS 6530 (Memory, I/O, Timer array). 1024�8 ROM, 64�8 static RAM, otherwise similar to the 6532.
1998-06-23 1362568 CSG 6532 (Memory, I/O, Timer array); also called RIOT (RAM, I/O and Timer). Used in simple peripheral devices and e.g. in the Atari VCS 2600 game console. 128�8 static RAM, two 8-bit bidirectional I/O ports, programmable interval timer with interrupt.
1998-06-23 1034326 CSG 6551 Asynchronous Communication Interface Adapter (ACIA), preliminary information from 12/80.
1998-06-23 2074730 MOS Technology 6560/6561 Video Interface Chip (VIC), 2/80.
1999-10-20 2241999 CSG 6567 video interface chip (preliminary)
1999-02-11 4205 656x-luminances.gif Visualization of the measurements reported in 656x-luminances.txt. Generated by Philip Timmermann <[email protected]>.
1996-12-19 3188 656x-luminances.txt MOS 6567 and 6569 luminance signal voltage levels for different colours, measured by Marko M�kel�. These measurement results cover the 6569R1, 6569R3 (ceramic), 6569R4, 6569R5, 6567R5 6A and 6567R8 (plastic).
1998-06-23 2240143 MOS Technology 6581 Sound Interface Device (SID), preliminary information.
1999-01-09 33383 65ce02.txt Differences between the Rockwell R65C02 and the Commodore CSG65CE02 used in the 4510 processor of the Commodore 65. Composed by Michael Steil.
1998-04-16 2052711 Motorola 68B45 Cathode Ray Tube Controller (CRTC), used in the Commodore Model II computers (B128/B256). It is generally not compatible with the 6545 used in the PET computers.
1999-04-23 2338 8701.txt 8701 is the clock generator chip used in Commodore 8-bit computers since about 1985. Typical of Commodore, not all contacts of the chip have been documented. Written and uploaded by William Levak <[email protected]>.
1999-09-25 518103 Commodore IC clock generator data sheet
1998-04-19 10163 Final Cartridge III Internals.txt Information about the BANKING functions of the FC3 (Version 1.0)
1998-04-27 1287239 Hitachi Cathode Ray Tube Controller (CRTC), sometimes used in the PET computers.
1996-09-11 33020 VIC-Article.gz
1996-09-11 36614 VIC-Artikel.gz Detailed description of the VIC-II graphics chip. Updated 26.08.1996 (corrected idle state graphics explanation). English version ("VIC-Article.gz") and German version ("VIC-Artikel.gz").
Uploaded by the author, Christian Bauer <[email protected]>.
1998-02-22 5295 VIC-I.txt Almost full description of the MOS 6560/6561 VIC-I chip (used in the Commodore VIC-20). Covers both 6560-101 (NTSC-M) and 6561-101 (PAL-B).
1999-10-20 486901 AMD Am2910A Microprogram Controller, used in the D9060/D9090 hard disk drive
1996-11-10 12142 [email protected] Logic equations in Abel format for the 82S100 PLA chip used in the C64, and a JEDEC file that can used to burn a 82S100 as a C64 PLA.
2000-01-14 2323 c64e.txt Pinout of the custom chip used in the C64 BN/E board. Composed by William Levak.
1998-05-12 1694269 Data sheet for Commodore 6545 Cathode Ray Tube Controller (CRTC)
1997-04-24 70341 Detailed information about the guts of the MOS 6526 CIA, reverse-engineered by Wolfgang Lorenz. Includes a C++ implementation of the CIA, and test programs for testing emulators.
1996-11-27 31930 Information about chips produced by MOS Technologies or its successor, CSG (Commodore Semiconductor Group).
1996-05-23 50376 Some documentation about the GTE G65SC02 and G65SC816 microprocessors.
1994-06-03 27542 pal.timing Reveals the most of the timing of the 6569 and 8566 video chips. See also VIC-Article.gz and VIC-Artikel.gz, which are based on this article.
1993-11-01 11731 programming.reu Some aspects about programming the RAM Expansion Units. See reu.registers for detailed REU description.
1998-05-12 1333044 Data sheet for Rockwell 6545 Cathode Ray Tube Controller (CRTC)
1993-11-01 3655 reu.registers Describes all 8726 RAM Expansion Controller registers.
1998-07-04 3391202 Synertec 6530 Memory, I/O, Timer Array. April 1979. Seems to have the same functionality as the MOS Technologies 6530.
1997-05-29 169382 [email protected] Emulator Test Suite version 2.15. Tests 6502 emulation compatibility. Developed as part of PC64 by Wolfgang Lorenz. The files are now in 1541 disk image format, for easier access on all emulators. The test suite now includes IRQ and NMI timing tests.

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