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VBM is a bitmap viewer for use with a 64k VDC, programmed by Craig Bruce.
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Files in /pub/cbm/c128/graphics/viewers/vbm/
1998-01-11 2245 bm.c Converts X Windows .xbm files to .bm format for use with vbm.
1998-01-11 56384 Example bitmap for vbm.
1998-01-11 38408 Example bitmap for vbm.
1998-01-11 957 vbm-1.10.prg
1998-01-11 3374 vbm-1.10.readme 640x492 point bitmap viewer for the VDC screen. This is just a loader; you will also need vbmlib.bin.
1998-01-11 392 vbmlib.bin VBM library routines.
1998-07-14 1107 vbmlib.ntsc+pal.readme VBM library routines improved by Nicolas Welte.
1998-07-14 392 vbmlib.ntsc.bin VBM library routines for NTSC-M timing
1998-07-14 392 vbmlib.pal.bin VBM library routines for PAL-B timing
1998-01-11 4315 vbmlib.s Source code of the VBM library routines.
1998-01-11 91016 Example bitmap for vbm.

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