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    Cmmodore pioneered and popularized so much of the technology we use today.  Commodore Business Machines was a juggernaut in the late 1970's and early 1980's.  Commodore history is rich with interesting stories and fascinating facts.  
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Fender Tucker
Reproduced April 7 2002 with permission from Burt of the Commodore 64 Dungeon

Fender Tucker PictureThe long time editor and Grand Mojo of LOADSTAR magazine. Fender brought a lot of C-64 computing to many in the US, and encouraged excellence in programming.

Fender Tucker spent 25 years knocking around the bars of Colorado and New Mexico as a guitar picker before stumbling onto computers in the early 80s.  He settled on the Commodore 64 and when offered a job in 1987 at Softdisk, a Shreveport, Louisiana disk magazine company, he leapt at it.

As Managing Editor of LOADSTAR, a three-year-old Commodore monthly disk magazine, he managed to break every rulFender Tuckere of publishing and still get each issue out on deadline for the next 14 years. He and his wife, Judi, took over complete control of LOADSTAR in the early 90s and against all advice and logic, they kept publishing it monthly until January of 2001, when Dave and Sheri Moorman of Holly, Colorado took over the editorship.

He is probably the most-published programmer in history with hundreds of programs published on LOADSTAR over the years, he now is the Grand Exalted Mojo of Ramble House, a publishing company that specializes in the webwork mystery novels of Harry Stephen Keeler.

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