Commodore Promotional Items
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Commodore PET William Shatner Cutout

In store promo. An 8000 series PET was used in the first Star Trek movie and apparently several others. It was painted gold and could be seen in Captian Kirk's living quarters.

Commodore Tie Clip

Courtesy of Borris Kretzinger of Germany

Commodore Floppy Disk Calulator

These solar and battery powered calculators were apparently given out during some trade shows during the mid 1980's. In January of 2002 it sold for US$20 on Ebay.

World of Commodore Beer Mug

Valley Forge, PA

European Soccer Shirts

Commodore sponcored many football clubs in Europe and Britain right up until its dimise in 1993/4.

Commodore PET 2001 Prototype

The Text on the board says:

first truly affordable appliance computer to be manufactured

first truly integrated personal computer housing a computer logic board, a keyboard, and a screen in one chassis

first mass produced personal computer with operating system in ROM

designed by the worlds famous MOS 6502 microprocessor designed and developed by MOS Technology Inc (A subsidiary of Commodore Business Machines Inc)

first model shown in Consumer Electronics Show Chicago January 1977

Commodore Death-Bed Vigil Tee Shirt

Apparently some of these were given to Commodore Employees and Vendors when Commodore US officially went bankrupt April 29, 1984

Commodore Promotional Tee Shirt

Commodore Coffee Mug

Commodore CDTV T-Shirt

CDTV T-Shirt

From Commodore UK likely in the very late 1990's

Commodore Factory Parking Tag

From West Chester, Pennsylvania factory.

This isn't really a promo item but I don't have any other place to put it.

Commodore Instant Camera

25 Year Aniversary Coin

World Of Commodore - Trade Show

There will be a computer in every, home, school and business years before anyone dreamed.

I Adore My 64 Pin

Commodore Computer

The One to Grow On Pin

World Of Commodore

25th Aniversary Button

Commodore Computer

The One To Grow On pin.

Amiga Button

The Animator

Commodore Watches

I understand that Commodore bought some percentage ownership in an Asian watch manufacturer in the early 1980's, and as such were actually sold as a product line.

I lived a few hours outside of Toronto and was very Commodore aware during the early 1980's but do not recall ever seeing Commodore Digital Watches in stores.

Digital Watch

Another Commodore Digital Watch Design

Digital Watch

Another Commodore Watch

From France

Another Commodore Promo Watch

Amiga Label in a Case

Commodore Disk Bag

This floppy disk holder (bag) was included with the Commodore SX64 laptop computer and was usually thrown away. It is Made of suede type material with hand strap and Commodore logo on font.

Carry Bag

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