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    Commodore Computer Hardware: Rare, Hard to Find, Prototype, or Just Bizzare Hardware | Checkout the Commodore PET PREview from Feb 1978 under MAGAZINE ARTICLESCommodore Computer - Rare, Hard to Find, Prototype, or Just Bizzare Hardware | Checkout the Commodore PET PREview from Feb 1978 under MAGAZINE ARTICLES  
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Commodore Opel - The Car That Did NOT Name a Company

Jack Tramiel wanted a military name, to evoke a vision of strength, but companies with Admiral and General were too common. He confirmed in a December 2007 interview that he was riding in a taxi which was following a Commodore Opel (European GM) which sparked the idea for the name.

Terminator 3 Commodore PET

These pictures were taken from the 2003 movie Terminator 3 or T3 Rise of the Machines (with Arnold Swartzeneger). The 8000 Series PET can be seen in the last 10 minutes of the movie when two primary characters realize that the bunker they are in is old and is not meant for modern day command.

Terminator 3 Commodore PET

The PET is clearly placed in several key shots like this one. This placement does not happen by accident.

Commodore MOS Technologies

This picture was obviously take between the time when MOS Technologies was independent and when Commodore renamd it to CSG (Commodore Semiconductor Group). MOS were the designers and manufactures of all pre-Amiga Commodore CPU's.

Commodore Thermostat

I think this was a Commodore branded, Johnson Controls manufactured device from the mid-1970's.

1973 Commodore Calculator

From a December 1973 advertisement in Playboy

Commodore PET Sound Card Assembly Instructions

From Space Invaders

Commodore PET 2001 Keyboard Closeup

Just a great machine. The worlds first real computer.


Commodore and The NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 1983

The Commodore Space Shuttle?
reproduced from The Transactor, Vol 4 January 1983, written by Jim Butterfield

Not quite... maybe next year. But with over 60 complete
Commodore systems at JFK Space Center, they certainly
deserve mention. NASA officials estimate that the systems
in use have improved the overall efficiency of their documentation
department by 5 fold. Other applications include
equipment and employee tracking, job costing, status re-
ports, and tracking hazardous waste matter to ensure safety.
Although not as dramatic as the Anik-C satellite and Spar's
Canadarm, we thought you might like to know.

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