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    Commodore Computer Hardware: Rare, Hard to Find, Prototype, or Just Bizzare Hardware | Checkout the Commodore PET PREview from Feb 1978 under MAGAZINE ARTICLESCommodore Computer - Rare, Hard to Find, Prototype, or Just Bizzare Hardware | Checkout the Commodore PET PREview from Feb 1978 under MAGAZINE ARTICLES  
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Commodore PET 2001 UK "Announcement"
Part 2

Personal Computer World
Volume 1 Number 1 March 1978

Graciously scanned and sent to by the UK's Arnold J Rimmer
OCR'd and posted by April 7th 2004

The odd formatting has been retained as much as possible from the original source

A nation of PET lovers?

The PET computer is here. We have arranged with Kit Spencer of Commodore Business Machines to feature it in our next issue.
  Kit Spencer, who proved to be pleasant and straightforward, says he is a renegade physicist who went into industrial electronics - and now is with Commodore Business Machines. Incidentally, he says that a new division of CBM, Commodore Systems, is being set up to handle PET in the U.K.
  Kit Spencer explained the apparent lack of information from CBM during the past year. (See John Coll's article in this issue.) His company, he says, does not believe in creating a consumer demand which it cannot satisfy quickly. Further, it does not believe in selling a computer to a personal user and leaving it at that. It wants to make sure that there is a full service, with good software and maintenance support.
  He readily agreed to write an article for us about his company's approach to personal computing. Further - a sure sign of confidence - CBM is to let us have a PET for evaluation.

Perhaps the best established computer store in Britain is the Computer Workshop Ltd, which is at Ifield Rd in London, and sells the remarkable SWPTC 6800. In the next issue we hope to have the story of its principals, Messrs. Ashbee and Burnet: how they took what must have been the difficult decision to go into the then unknown territory of personal computing, and the adventures (no other word for it) they've had so far. Readers can also look forward to a full evaluation of the SWPTC 6800 , in a future issue.

Hot on the heels of the PET comes the TANDY TRS80, being launched in March. We're keeping in touch, and the signs are good that Tandy will cooperate with us in presenting its personal computer to our readers.

APRIL 18th!
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