Commodore 264, Commodore 364 Annoucements - The Beginning of the End
Also the Commodore SX64 - The Worlds First Colour Laptop
Annoucements from Winter CES 1984 - Compute! April 1984

Commodore 264 Commodore 364 Announcements

These products known as the 'Ted Series', were the first huge mistake Commodore made. The only Ted machine to be released in quantity was the Plus/4. Which had 4 built in badly written apps on ROM which were accessable from the coloured buttons at the top left of the chassis.

Ted's failure was completely predicable. As you can see in the highlighted area's, they were not software or hardware compatable with any of Commodore's previous models. Given that the 64 was the most popular machine on the planet, this lack of compatability was inexcusable.

Commodore 264 Commodore 364 SX64 Announcements

Previous product announcements called the Executive 64, SX 100, were finally matched with a real live product called the SX64.

Magic Desk II Announcements

Commodore 64 Software Annoucements

Vic 20 & Commodore 64 Software Abounds

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