Commodore VIC-20 Brochures
All of these scans were created by Brent Santin of Southern Ontario... Thanx!


VIC-20 Games Learning and Price

Commodore VIC-20 Expansion Capabilities

Software: Jupiter Lander, Superslot VIC Avenger, Radar RatRace, Draw Poker, Midnight Drive, Slither, Spacemath, Home Inventory,

Memory Expansion, Floppy Drive, Datasette, Printer, Modem, Joystick

Commodore VIC-20 Colour Computer for $450

In the Home, School or Office. Peripherals include the VIC Modem 1600, Datasette 1530, 1541 floppy drive, VIC 1311 joystick, VIC 1110 8K Memory Expansion, 1212 Programmers Aid, and 1515 Graphics Printer

Uses the language as the Commodore PET, CBM and SuperPET, Canada.

VIC-20 Software Pamphlet

Super Software for Your VIC-20

Personal Finance, SimpleCalc, VIC Writer, Math Improvement Six Pack, Waterloo Basic, Programmable Character Set

VIC-20 Software

Zortech & The MicroChips, Chopper Math, Home Babysitter, Visible Solar System, Mole Attack, Road Race, Raid on Ft. Knox, Money Wars, VIC Avenger, Star Post, Pinball Spectacular, Omega Race, Clowns, IQ, QuizMaster, Commodore PowerPlay, The Count, Atomic Mission

VIC-20 The Friendly Computer

Commodore VIC-20 The Friendly Computer

This is a very interesting brochure. If you look at the Commodore VIC-20 label in the top left hand corner of the the case, on different pages, you will see different VIC models. On the this page, one of the later units was photographed, it just says C= Commodore on it. On the next page you will see the German VC-20 logo.

VIC-20 Game Machine or Real Computer?

Commodore VIC-20 Cheap & Expandable

Powerfull Commodore 6502 Processor

Same as was used in the Commodore PET line.

VIC-20 Expandability

Commodore VIC-20 Power

Upper and Lower Case, Colour, Editing & Cursor Keys, Memory Expansion, Floppy and Cassette Drives, VIC Telephone Modem, IEEE-488, RS232, Printer, Games Controllers and More!

VIC-20 Base Specifications

5K RAM, 8 colours, RS232, 88 character program line length, 176x184 pixels, 4 programmable function keys, PETSCII Commodore PET type graphics, 4 tone generator coving 5 octives


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