Miscellaneous Commodore PET Brochures

CBM Microcomputer (c)1980 Front

Meeting the Needs of Professionals

CBM Microcomputer (c)1980 Back

Shows Commodore Business Machine Model 8032. Just a PET 8032 without graphics on the keyboard.

The Machine That Started it All

Well, after the KIM.

PET 2001 Original Manual

Commodore PET 2041 5.25 Floppy Drive 1978/79

Facinating product that I do not believe was ever produced. This unit required ROMs to be added to the PET because it did not have the standard Commodore / MOS CPU (Mos 6504?) that was in all other Commodore Drives like the 1541, 2040,4040, 8050...

Commodore PET 2021 Printer 1978/79

I do not beleive this electrostic printer was ever produced.

Commodore PET 2020 Printer 1978/79

I do not believe this dot matrix printer for the PET was ever produced.

Look at the SIZE of that thing.

Canadian Microdevices Double Muppet (front)

This device was used to share a single printer or floppy drive on up to 8 different PET machines. The double Muppet was interesting because you could daisy chain more units together to expand your sharing abilities.

Note the TELEX number at the bottom right of the screen. This is from 1979/80 which is well before the advent of fax machines.

Canadian Microdevices Double Muppet (back)

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