Commodore PET 2001 Oldest Known UK Promotional Brochure

This document was provided to commodore.ca with written permission of www.gondolin.org.uk's Chris Stratford.  This pamphlet, believed to be from 1978, is obviously a revised and corrected version of THIS US / Canadian brochure from 1977. 

Commodore PET 2001 UK

Notice the rounded corners on the PET pictures on the left. That is a Prototype PET.

Software and Basic Explained

Commodore 2022 Printer and Dual Floppy

The 4K Chiclet and 8K Full Keyboard PETs

Click below to launch an OCR'd PDF of the above document. 
If you print this on a duplex printer (i.e. print front and back) you will be able to reproduce the original quite nicely.

commodore pet folded brochure

The above version was sourced from UK's Wolstan Dixie but paid for by www.commodore.ca.

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