Commodore Complete Line of Products for 1983

Complete Line of Commodore Canada Products from 1983

Home Users

VIC 20, VIC-20

Commodore 64

Business Line

Pet 4032

Pet 8032

SuperPet SP9000

Business Line Continued

Pet 8096

Executive 64 (also known as the SX64 and laptop 64)

Business Line Continued

B128 80

BX256 80 with Monitor and Drives


1520 Plotter Printer

1525 Printer

1526 Printer

4023 Printer

6400 Printer

5.25" Floppy and Hard Drives

1541 Disk Drive

2031 Disk Drive (the model shown is actually a 2031LP made with a plastic case - the original and more expensive 2031 has a of steel chassis)

4040 Floppy Disk Drive

8050 Floppy Disk Drive

8250 Floppy Disk Drive

9060 Hard Drive

9090 Hard Drive

Monitors, Modems and Datasets

1701 Monitor

C-1600 Modem - CompuServe

C-1650 Modem (Automatic) - CompuServe

C-1530 Dataset

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