Commodore Product Announcements and Comparisons

Digital Research CP/M & Tiny Basic: Pre-Commodore

Kilobaud Magazine 1977

Commodore 128, LCD, 1571 Disk, 1901 Monitor, 1660 and 1670

 ModemsThe LCD was never released but was expected to sell for about US$500.

From TPUG February 1985

Commodore 64 Quick Review of Basic

Prior to the distribution release of the C64.

Commodore Magazine August 1982

PET 8296 Announcement

Commodore Microcomputers - Feb 1985

1520 Printer Plotter Announcement

CES 83

Compute! May 83

Commodore SX64 SX100 Executive

Annouced at CES 1983

Compute! September 1983

Commodore LCD Laptop

From Winter CES in Vegas

80 x 16 Display... GREAT!!!

6502 CPU Modified to 65C102 CPU

Basic Version 3.6

If this ever was released it was in VERY small quantities.

From Compute! April 85

Commodore LCD Laptop Update

From Compute June 85

Consumer Electronics Show May 1983 Announcements

HUGE Price drops on the Commodore 64.

Note the information at the end of the article relating to the Commodore PET B and P Series 'cancellation'

Compute! May 1983

P-Series Cancelled?

Commodore P-500 and series cancelled... you should read this.

Review of CES Summer 1983 by Tom Halfhill

Compute! September 1983

Commodore Magic Desk

To compete with the $10000 Apple Lisa

Compute! September 1983

Guide to C64 Languages- Descriptions & Prices

ADA, BASIC, COMAL, C POWER, C-64 Forth/79, Enhanced Forth, Kyan Pascal, Logo, Master Forth, Nevada COBOL, Nevada Fortran, PILOT, PROMAL, Simons' BASIC, The Sixty Forth, Super C Language Compiler, Super Expander 64, Super Forth 64 + AI, Super Pascal, UltraBASIC 64, VideoBASIC 64, White Lightning

Compute! Jan 1986

SuperPET Manual Kit

Commodore Microcomputers - Feb 85

Storage Prices

Compute! - Feb 86

SuperPET Upgrade for 8000 Series Pets

Compute! Dec 1982

Commodore 900

A Unix PC type machine that was never released.

Wafer Drive

Shown at CES 1983

Compute! September 1983

Commodore 128 Announcement - Page 1

Announced at Winder CES in Vegas

From COMPUTE! April 1985

Commodore 128 Announcement - Page 2

Commodore 128 Announcement - Page 3

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