Protecto - B Series Bundle

B128 machine, 4023 printer, 8050 Dual Drive, 12", Hitachi Monitor $795

Run - March 85

Educator 64 - Pet 64 Liquidation

Far Below Dealer Cost $199

Ahoy - March 87

Various Computer Prices

TCP - Trussy Computer Products

Colt, 64C, 128D, Modems, Drives

November 1988

The Home Computer Wars

From Compute February 1985

Commodore B Series Prices

Check out the Commodore B700 price.

Compute! Aug 1983

SuperPET CMS-2001

Process Control System

TORPET Nov 1983

1980 Italian PET 3032 Advert by HHR

Commodore is number 1 in microcomputers in Italy in 1980

1985 Italian Ad SHR

Complete Commodore Italy line. PET 8096-D, VIC-20, Plus/4, C64 Portable / Executive, 1541 Drive and line printer

VIC20 & C64 40/80 Switch

TORPET Nov 1983

VIC-20 & C64 Software

JumpMan, Temple of Apshai, Sword of Fargoal, Crush Crumble Chomp, Jumpan Junior

TORPET Nov 1983

Tax Prep for the VIC

TORPET Nov 1983

C64 Toys R Us 1990

It was definately cheap!

MIMIC for the C64

Hardware and Software add on for the Commodore 64 to allow users to run Apple II+ Software

VIC-20, Modem, Printer

From 1982 Canadian Tire (hardware store) advertisement

Scanned by Syd Bolton of Ontario... Thanks Syd!

VIC-20 64K Memory Expansion

I have never seen one of these or even the 32K expansion made by Commodore.

TORPET Nov 1983

VIC-20 Loan Calculator

The software calculates loans including mortgages.


42 New Commands

TORPET Nov 1983

The Computer Shop Calgary

Reported to be the first computer retail store in Canada and possibly the world. It opened in 1976! This advert is from the June 1987 Calgary Commodore Users Group (CCUG) Newsletter and promotes the PET among other items.

The Computer Shop Telephone Book Cover Ad

Promotes Commodore PET and has a cartoon that predicts many things that have come to pass.

Neeco - Commodore and Other Prices

Compute! Dec 1982

Neeco - Commodore and Other Prices

Compute! Dec 1982

Commodore Plus 4 Liquidation

The Commodore Plus 4 was a massive failure. The Plus 4 was the only machine from the 'Ted Series' that was released in quantity and failed to sell because it was not compatible with anything.

See the MAGAZINE ARTICLES section: The Beginning of the End - Commodore Computer 264 / 364 Announcements for more details.

ProLine Software

Jim Butterfield, Templton, Punter

PAL 64, Power 64, Spellpro 64, WordPro 64, MailPro 64

Run - March 85


X10 Powerhouse Does Everything But Put the Cat Out

Compute! - Jan 86

Berkeley Software's GEOS

Compute ! Sept 1986

Berkeley Software's GEOS

Compute ! Sept 1986

CPG - Custom Programming Group Inc Cartidge-Maker 64

Commodore Microcomputers - Feb 85

Flight Simulator II for The C64

Compute ! May 1984

CMD SCSI Hard Drives

Compute! - April 1990

Commodore 9060 Hard Drive

OH MY GOD THAT WAS EXPENSIVE. This likely explains why so few were sold.

Compute April 1984

Jim Butterfield - Lincoln College Commodore Computer Camp

Run - March 1987

Attention GEOS Users: The Wait Is Over - 512K Card

Compute! - April 1990


Best Selling Word Processor in the WORLD!

Compute! - Feb 1986

Fox Calc for Commodore 64

Look at the screen shots.

Compute! June 1983

Dow Jones News Service

From COMPUTE! March 1985

Savant Watches 1978

This is an advertisement from just before Commodore bought them and started producing Commodore brand watches

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